• JERRYANG via Flickr

    Globalisation and Chinese Grand Strategy

    By Aaron L. Friedberg

    China is taking steps intended to reduce its exposure to Western economic coercion, while enhancing its leverage over others.

  • via Kremlin.ru

    Xi Jinping: The Strategist Behind the Dream

    By Gordon Barrass and Nigel Inkster

    Like his American counterpart, Chinese President Xi Jinping wants to make his country great again. But there is a crucial difference: Xi has a strategy.

  • via White House

    War and Peace After the Age of Liberal Globalisation

    By François Heisbourg

    The new era will be one of Sino-American bipolarity and disorder, a global system in which a premium should be put on carefulness in the execution of policy.

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Israel and the Jihadi Threat

By Elisabeth Marteu

Jerusalem has not been a priority for ISIS, and jihadism traditionally not a priority for Israel. But the rise of jihadist groups close to its borders has led Israel to adjust.

Confronting Iran

By Daniel Byman

The Trump administration has an opportunity to counter Iranian influence in the Middle East – but its incompetence could prove disastrous.

The Grandeur That Was

By Jeffrey Mazo

Kyle Harper’s The Fate of Rome highlights a class of explanation for imperial collapse that has been relatively neglected by historians: the influence of climate and disease.