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Nuclear Threat

Putin’s new big nuclear buttons

Putin’s chest-thumping state of the nation address marks the resumption of nuclear rhetoric not seen since the height of the US–USSR confrontation. It demonstrates a clear need for arms-control talks to prevent any new Cold War, writes Mark Fitzpatrick.

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    IISS Cyber Report: 11 to 17 May

    18 May 2018.  German appetite for legalising hack back; US withdrawal from JCPOA could trigger new cyber battle; punishments no substitute for building cyber defence.

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    Wuhan summit edges India and China towards a new strategic understanding

    17 May 2018.  Last month's meeting of Xi Jinping and Narendra Modi does not herald a new strategic partnership - but Asia's two largest powers can move forward with clarity. The summit offered no dramatic breakthroughs, but may be a step toward better long-term relations. 

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    Michel and the mechanics: Brexit and defence

    15 May 2018.  By taking a mechanical approach to establishing a post-Brexit security partnership with the UK, the European Union risks missing out on pragmatic solutions that could enhance the security of all European citizens.

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    Understanding Modi’s vision for the Indo-Pacific

    14 May 2018.  Revitalised India is building closer ties with the US, and pro-actively engaging with China.

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    IISS Cyber Report: 4 to 10 May

    10 May 2018.  Finding a fix for high-risk security bugs; false flag cyber operation targets US military spouses; France and Australia take leaps in quantum computing.

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    US abandons Iran nuclear deal: IISS analysis

    10 May 2018.  IISS analysts ask how Trump's decision to withdraw from the JCPOA will affect the Middle East, America's alliances and Washington's bid to contain North Korea.

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    IISS Cyber Report: 27 April to 3 May

    04 May 2018.  Google and Microsoft fight against cyber crime bill; Facebook hunts for extremist content; Pentagon’s half-hearted attempt at cyber security.

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    Russian incentives for nuclear hopefuls in Africa

    30 April 2018.  As African countries look to capitalise on nuclear energy, Russia’s incentives and reluctance to impose additional requirements have given it a competitive edge.

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    IISS Cyber Report: 20 to 26 April

    26 April 2018.  Webstresser shut down sends warning to cyber mercenaries; Facebook to exclude 1.5bn users from new EU privacy bill; China’s growing cyber power.

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    IISS Cyber Report: 13 to 19 April

    19 April 2018.  US and UK take actions to protect critical infrastructure; UK confirms cyber offensive against Islamic State; industry consortium signs new tech accord.


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