• Strategic Comments

    Washington’s incoherent climate policy

    06 February 2018.  US President Donald Trump's reversal of long-standing American climate policy – in particular, his decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement – is informed mainly by domestic politics, ideology and short-termism. Even if sub-federal US entities' voluntary adherence to emissions reduction enables the United States to meet its targets, following through on the rejection of the Agreement would intensify perceptions that the United States has abdicated global leadership.

  • Strategic Survey

    Chapter 3, Part II: Geo-physical Change and Systemic Instability

    27 September 2016. 

    Across systems, the assumption that the physical environment is essentially static, at a time when it evidently is not, creates a range of new vulnerabilities.

  • Politics and Strategy

    Jeffrey Mazo: Infinite diversity in infinite combination

    24 March 2015.  Most people will be familiar, by sight if not by name, with the Mandelbrot set, a mathematical construct discovered by Benoît Mandelbrot in 1980. It is the epitome of fractal geometry and the face of chaos theory. Arising from a simple mathematical function and some rules for presentation, its visual representations are phantasmagorical and psychedelic, recursive and infinitely complex, with new details, including tiny shapes similar to the original, constantly...

  • Events

    IISS Workshop - Benefits and Limitations of Arctic Development: Arctic Peoples’ and Industry Views

    18 March 2015. 

    IISS Workshop
    Arundel House, London
    18 March 2015

  • Politics and Strategy

    Jeffrey Mazo: Northern Exposure Redux

    04 March 2015.  When I gave evidence last July to the House of Lords Select Committee on the Arctic, on the topic of defence security, the last question from the chairman was, ‘Bringing us back to the UK, what one thing, within this context, should the UK do or definitely not do? Could you give me something on the way this works?’ My colleague Christian Le Mière addressed the question of military and...

  • Survival

    Showing the Flag

    30 January 2015.  Britain is no longer an Arctic nation, but it has a unique Arctic role.

  • Politics and Strategy

    Jeffrey Mazo: Noise and Signal in Climate Science

    18 December 2014.  The last week or so has been a busy one for watchers of climate change and climate politics. On Monday I weighed in on the UN summit in Lima. But three other stories also drew my attention: new data on Arctic ice loss; 2014’s record temperatures and the end of the ‘pause’, and Denmark’s ‘claim’ to the North Pole. For all three, there is less than meets the eye, but...

  • Politics and Strategy

    Jeffrey Mazo: Britain as an Arctic Nation

    03 November 2014. 

  • IISS Voices

    Christian Le Miere: Ukraine brings cool wind to the Arctic

    20 September 2014.  By Christian Le Mière, Senior Fellow for Naval Forces and Maritime Security One of the pervasive themes of this year’s Global Strategic Review is, unsurprisingly, Ukraine. The annexation of Crimea and conflict in the east of the country resonates through conversations on Europe’s security, the role of NATO and the international order. For this reason, both the keynote session and the first plenary were focused on this most strategic of issues. But...

  • Strategic Comments

    China’s strategic Arctic interests

    06 March 2014. 

    While China's intensifying activity in the Arctic is often viewed with suspicion, it is part of a strategy of general expansion of its maritime interests and capabilities, seeking a level of influence to match its global economic status.

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