• Events

    A view from inside the US Nuclear Posture Review

    28 March 2018. 

    Wednesday 28 March, 9.30-10.30AM BST
    Arundel House, London
    Frank Miller, Principal, Scowcroft Group
    Dr Kori Schake, Deputy Director-General, International Institute for Strategic Studies

  • Survival

    Russia’s Nuclear Policy: Worrying for the Wrong Reasons

    20 March 2018.  The Russian nuclear problem is real and serious – but it is political more than it is military.

  • Survival

    Strategic Stability, Uncertainty and the Future of Arms Control

    20 March 2018.  The United States’ new Nuclear Posture Review reflects changes in how the US thinks about its broader strategic environment.

  • Survival

    Iran Disillusioned

    20 March 2018.  In the age of Donald Trump, Iran is bracing itself for another period of hardship.

  • Survival

    A Nervous Nuclear Posture Review

    20 March 2018.  The Nuclear Posture Review, along with the debate over preventive war with North Korea, suggests that the US is oddly unsure it can deter weaker adversaries.

  • Survival

    The Nuclear Ban Treaty: A Sign of Global Impatience

    20 March 2018.  Future historians may record summer 2017 as the beginning of the end of the nuclear age. 

  • Events

    F-35 Lightning II: for better or worse

    15 March 2018. 

    Thursday 15 March, 8.30–9.30am GMT
    Arundel House, London
    Douglas Barrie, Senior Fellow for Military Aerospace, IISS
    Nick Childs, Senior Fellow for Naval Forces and Maritime Security, IISS

  • Politics and Strategy

    Nuclear cooperation with Gulf Arabs

    15 March 2018.  A US–Saudi nuclear agreement should not depart from strict non-proliferation standards, argues Mark Fitzpatrick.

  • IISS Voices

    An improbable Trump–Kim summit

    09 March 2018.  Could the fraught Korean situation be moving in the direction of peace and even a potential solution to the North Korean threat? Mark Fitzpatrick reflects on a remarkable week for Korean diplomacy and the prospect of a Trump–Kim summit.

  • Expert Commentary

    No, Iran does not have an ICBM programme

    05 March 2018.  None of the missiles Iran has under development come close to being able to hit the United States or much of Europe, Michael Ellemen and Mark Fitzpatrick observe. Differentiating among Iranian missile systems is not a perfect solution, but a realistic way forward.

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