• Strategic Comments

    Washington’s incoherent climate policy

    06 February 2018.  US President Donald Trump's reversal of long-standing American climate policy – in particular, his decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement – is informed mainly by domestic politics, ideology and short-termism. Even if sub-federal US entities' voluntary adherence to emissions reduction enables the United States to meet its targets, following through on the rejection of the Agreement would intensify perceptions that the United States has abdicated global leadership.

  • Survival

    Xi Jinping: The Strategist Behind the Dream

    30 January 2018.  Like his American counterpart, Chinese President Xi Jinping wants to make his country great again. But there is a crucial difference: Xi has a strategy.

  • Survival

    Globalisation and Chinese Grand Strategy

    30 January 2018.  China is taking steps intended to reduce its exposure to Western economic coercion, while enhancing its leverage over others.

  • Strategic Comments

    Security implications of NAFTA’s disruption

    04 January 2018.  US President Donald Trump's ongoing threats to overhaul or repudiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) have increased tensions with Mexico and engendered its distrust of the United States. As a result, robust security and defence cooperation in several areas, including drug enforcement and immigration, could diminish substantially.

  • IISS Voices

    Challenges, opportunities, and innovation in the Indo-Asia-Pacific

    27 October 2017.  The international security community should seek to bring North Korea to its senses, not its knees, advises Commander of the United States Pacific Command Admiral Harry B. Harris.

  • Politics and Strategy

    Trump’s travel ban: clumsy, ineffective and wrong

    18 October 2017.  The latest version of US President Donald Trump’s travel ban is as factually baseless and counterproductive as its predecessors.

  • Strategic Survey

    Chapter 3, Part III: Urbanisation, Violence and City-Led Policymaking

    18 September 2017. 

    Amid exponential growth in the number of people living in cities in low-income or fragile states, gaps in infrastructure, public services and security capacity present opportunities to non-state armed groups.

  • Events

    MENA economies: Positioning for a new world (dis)order

    16 September 2017. 

    16–17 September
    Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay, Manama
    Select speakers:
    Mr Carl Bildt, former Prime Minister, Sweden; Member of the Council, IISS
    HE Mr Amr Al-Garhy, Minister of Finance, Arab Republic of Egypt
    Dr Joachim von Amsberg, Vice President, Policy and Strategy, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
    HE Mr Khalid Al-Rumaihi, Chief Executive, Bahrain Economic Development Board

  • Strategic Survey

    Chapter 5: South Asia and Afghanistan

    06 September 2017. 

    Amid growing tension with both China and Pakistan, India has made considerable progress in formulating a new, proactive policy on the Indian Ocean.

  • Events

    The fate of the West: the battle to save the world's most successful political idea

    14 June 2017. 

    IISS–Americas book launch
    Bill Emmott, author; IISS Trustee
    Chaired by Mark Fitzpatrick, Executive Director, IISS–Americas
    IISS–Americas, Washington DC
    Wednesday 14 June, 10.30–11.30am EDT

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