• Strategic Comments

    US–Israel relations under Trump

    24 March 2017. 

    President Trump has backpedalled on his disruptive pre-inauguration support for expanding West Bank settlements, a one-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, moving the US embassy to Jerusalem and tearing up the Iran nuclear agreement. Nevertheless, at least in the short term, Israel is likely to face less US resistance in pursuing aggressive policies than it did from the Obama administration, especially in regards to the Palestinians.

  • Survival

    Small States and Finlandisation in the Age of Trump

    20 March 2017.  In a multipolar world with weak institutions, and where the alternative can be chaos and war, Finlandisation is better than its reputation.

  • Survival

    The Emperor vs the Adults: Donald Trump and Wilhelm II

    20 March 2017.  The analogy between the US president and German emperor works because of similar institutional and international realities, and because personality matters.

  • Survival

    Was Libya’s Collapse Predictable?

    20 March 2017.  The debate over whether the Libyan intervention was justified should take as its starting point the imponderables facing decision-makers in March 2011.

  • Survival

    General McMaster’s Sandwich

    20 March 2017.  The new US national security advisor’s effectiveness will depend on President Donald Trump’s whim.

  • Survival


    20 March 2017.  In the April–May 2017 issue, François Heisbourg presents an analogy between Donald Trump and Kaiser Wilhelm II and argues that personality matters; Ash Carter examines why the United States continues its engagement in the Middle East; Mark Fitzpatrick sets out priorities for tackling the Iranian nuclear threat; Alexey Arbatov analyses the differences between the US and Russia in thinking on nuclear weapons; Hans Mouritzen defends the strategy of Finlandisation; Robert...

  • Survival

    The Logic of American Strategy in the Middle East

    20 March 2017.  The Department of Defense remains engaged in the Middle East because doing so serves both America’s interests and those of its regional allies and partners.

  • Survival

    Asia’s Diplomacy of Violence: China–US Coercion and Regional Order

    20 March 2017.  Military coercion has already changed the Asia-Pacific region.

  • Events

    Change and uncertainty in the Indo-Pacific

    13 March 2017. 

    Fullerton Lecture
    The Honourable Julie Bishop MP, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Australia
    The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore
    Monday 13 March 2017, 6–7pm SGT

  • Expert Commentary

    How changing Ukrainian society impacts the chances for peace

    06 March 2017.  In this commentary for PONARS Eurasia, IISS Senior Fellow for Russia and Eurasia Samuel Charap analyses the changes in Ukrainian society since the 2014 crisis.

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