• Geo-economics and Strategy Conferences

    China and the Gulf: The Food Factor: Zha Daojiong

    15 October 2011.  Fifth Session: Asia and the Gulf: Elements of a Common Geo-Economic Security Agenda: Food, Energy and Cyber
    Professor Zha Daojiong, Professor of International Political Economy, School of International Studies, Peking University
    Geo-economics and Strategy Seminar - Parsing the Reality and Promise of Gulf-Asia Engagement

  • Survival

    Pyongyang Should Pay for the Food it Seeks

    01 October 2011.  After what, in 2010, was a year of North Korean bellicosity, 2011 has become a year of North Korean diplomacy. Pyongyang’s purpose in turning a supplicant face to the world is two-fold. It seeks to entice food aid – albeit not necessarily to relieve starvation – and to be accorded equal footing with the nuclear-armed United States.

  • Strategic Survey

    Chapter 2, Part II: Strategic Policy Issues

    06 September 2011.  Digital Activism and the Arab Awakening
    Global Agriculture and Food Security
    Human Security and the Changing Climate
    China’s Growing Military Power

  • Survival

    Global Warming and the Arab Spring

    01 April 2011. 

    In the complex mix of environmental, political, economic and trade factors influencing global food security, analysts seem sure of one thing: the world is entering a period of ‘agflation’.

  • Strategic Comments

    Bread and protests: the return of high food prices

    01 March 2011.  Record food prices have been just one ingredient in the unrest in the Arab world. However, they are causing major concern across the globe for the second time in three years. Structural shifts have led to a tightening of the international food-supply system, magnifying the effect of disruptive events such as weather-related crop failures in 2010.

  • Survival

    Climate Change and Security at the Third Pole

    01 February 2011.  The retreat of glaciers on the Tibetan Plateau has long-term implications for water, food and energy security in East, South and Southeast Asia.

  • Survival

    Letter to the Editor

    01 February 2011.  Survival, the Institute’s journal, is a leading forum for analysis and debate of international and strategic affairs. With a diverse range of authors, eight to ten articles per issue, plus thoughtful reviews and review essays, Survival is scholarly in depth while vivid, well-written and policy-relevant in approach. Shaped by its editors to be both timely and forward-thinking, the journal encourages writers to challenge conventional wisdom and bring fresh, often controversial, perspectives to bear on the strategic issues of the moment.

  • Survival

    Cold Comfort

    01 December 2010.  What is needed now is greater focus on particular regions and specific and more immediate threats, rather than extreme, worst-case scenarios.

  • Adelphi Books

    Chapter Six: Conclusion

    18 March 2010. 

    Concluding this Adelphi, this chapter argues that without sharp and early reductions in emissions of greenhouse gases, the world will face profound disruption, human tragedy, and unforeseeable political, social and cultural consequences.

  • Adelphi Books

    Chapter Four: Conflict, Instability and State Failure: The Climate Factor

    18 March 2010. 

    This chapter argues that the relative weight of climate change in influencing regional conflict, state failure and instability is set to increase, drawing on diverse examples to make this case.

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