• IISS Bahrain Bay Forum

    Perspectives on the Global Economy

    29 November 2015. 

    IISS Bahrain Bay Forum First Plenary Session
    Chair: Dr Sanjaya Baru, Director for Geo-economics and Strategy, IISS 
    Huw Pill, Managing Director, Global Investment Research Division, Goldman Sachs 
    Dr Haihong Gao, Director, Research Center for International Finance, China Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing 
    Dr Alia Moubayed , Head of Research, Middle East and North Africa Region, Barclays Bank

  • IISS Bahrain Bay Forum

    Keynote Address and Opening Remarks

    28 November 2015. 

    IISS Bahrain Bay Forum Keynote Address and Opening Remarks

  • IISS Bahrain Bay Forum

    Opening Remarks: Dr Sanjaya Baru

    28 November 2015. 

    IISS Bahrain Bay Forum Opening Remarks
    Dr Sanjaya Baru, Director for Geo-economics and Strategy, IISS

  • IISS Bahrain Bay Forum

    Keynote Address: Zayed Al Zayani

    28 November 2015. 

    IISS Bahrain Bay Forum Keynote Address 
    Zayed Al Zayani, Minister of Industry and Commerce, Bahrain

  • Expert Commentary

    Straits Times: Apec and the bike theory of trade

    21 November 2015.  It is imperative that Apec economies focus on executing the so-called bicycle theory of trade - that unless one continues to power ahead in freeing up trade, all things will fall down, says William Choong

  • Strategic Comments

    Tunisia’s democracy faces economic challenges

    05 November 2015. 

    Increasing efforts to aid Tunisia have come from the international community during the past year, as concern mounts that terrorism and economic malaise may erode faith in the democratic system. It will be necessary to convince the business elite that ending monopolistic practices will not imperil their own living standards, and that reform will improve the lot of all Tunisians.

  • Events

    Justice, Good Governance and International Security

    14 October 2015. 

    10th Anniversary IISS Oppenheimer Lecture
    Advocate Thuli Madonsela,
    Public Protector of South Africa
    Arundel House, London
    Wednesday 14 October 2015

  • Strategic Comments

    China’s currency: faster steps towards global use

    07 October 2015. 

    The arrival of the renminbi as a global reserve currency seems inevitable, underlining China’s position as a global economic power.

  • IISS Voices

    Imran Khan: GCC investments in India

    02 September 2015.  Over the last couple of years, GCC-India trade relations have continued to intensify. However, red tape and weak institutional infrastructure have frustrated India’s attempts to attract Gulf money. With the economic environment becoming more investor-friendly and SEZs playing an increasingly important role, investment could receive a significant boost in the future.

  • IISS Voices

    Alexander Neill: A Chinese view of the global order

    29 July 2015.  By Alexander Neill, Shangri-La Dialogue Senior Fellow for Asia-Pacific Security The impetus for her IISS Fullerton Lecture this week, Madam Fu Ying reflected, was Henry Kissinger’s book, World Order. Translated into Chinese, it had intensified a debate in China that had been under way in recent years. Kissinger’s realpolitik formed the backdrop to a packed twenty-second Fullerton Lecture, replete with questions over how the US and China are coming to terms...

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