• Strategic Survey

    Chapter 10: Latin America

    06 September 2017. 

    Although several Latin American states have made significant gains in equality, political inclusiveness and sustainable development, the list of pending challenges on the economic-development and governance agenda remains long.

  • Strategic Survey

    Chapter 5: South Asia and Afghanistan

    06 September 2017. 

    Amid growing tension with both China and Pakistan, India has made considerable progress in formulating a new, proactive policy on the Indian Ocean.

  • Expert Commentary

    Forget its ousted politicians. Here’s the real cost of Brazil’s corruption

    24 August 2017.  The daily political dramas unfolding from sweeping anti-corruption probes in Brazil shouldn't obscure the damage corruption causes to the country’s long struggle against poverty and inequality, Antonio Sampaio points out.

  • Strategic Comments

    The unwinding of South Africa’s foreign policy

    23 August 2017. 

    South African President Jacob Zuma's corrupt personalisation of foreign policy, systematic government mismanagement and rising xenophobia are marginalising South Africa in continental and international affairs. Restoring South Africa to its leadership standing will be a major priority for his successor and the next government.

  • IISS Voices

    Qatar dispute exposes regional food-security failures

    21 August 2017.  Recent acts of solidarity by Turkey and Iran to help Qatar feed its population are important reminders of just how dependent regional states are on food imports. As Sara Fouad Almohamadi explains, the current Gulf dispute has exposed the shortcomings of national food-security policies.

  • Strategic Comments

    Venezuela’s deepening crisis

    19 July 2017. 

    Venezuela's currency has collapsed, and shortages of food and medicine have produced widespread poverty and malnutrition. President Nicolás Maduro is increasingly autocratic, while his approval rating is about 18%. Popular protests are occurring and government officials – including some military officers – appear to be losing confidence in him. The country appears to be moving towards dictatorship and, possibly, a political tipping point in favour of the opposition.

  • Events

    War in cities: new strategic dilemmas in an urban century

    13 June 2017. 

    Discussion meeting
    Avila Kilmurray, Visiting Professor, Transnational Justice Institute, Ulster University
    Vincent Bernard, Editor-in-Chief, International Review of the Red Cross
    Antonio Sampaio, Research Associate for Security and Development, IISS
    Chaired by Virginia Comolli, Senior Fellow for Security and Development, IISS
    Arundel House, London
    Tuesday 13 June, 12.30–1.30pm BST

  • Events

    America First: US global engagement in the Trump era

    23 May 2017. 

    Discussion meeting
    Dr Reuben Brigety, former US Ambassador
    Chaired by Dr Matthew Harries, Research Fellow; Managing Editor, Survival, IISS
    Arundel House, London
    Tuesday 23 May, 1.30-2.30pm BST

  • Survival

    Book Reviews

    16 May 2017.  Europe Erik Jones
    Latin America Russell Crandall
    Culture and Society Jeffrey Mazo

  • Strategic Comments

    Conflict and impasse in South Sudan

    03 May 2017. 

    President Salva Kiir and exiled first vice president Riek Machar, the two key political figures in South Sudan, remain at odds, and there is little sign of a political solution to the country's three-year-old civil war. There is some hope that the African Union will energise efforts to enforce the 2015 peace agreement and promote political dialogue. 

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