• Military Balance Blog

    NASIC 2017 report suggests service entries, missile modifications and new nomenclature

    28 June 2017.  The United States intelligence community’s occasional public assessment of the ballistic- and cruise-missile threat systems continues to provide a valuable glimpse into how the US views their development and proliferation, including a long-range Russian ground-launched cruise missile, with the 2017 report also hinting at a revised and mainly still classified naming system for some countries, now including North Korea.

  • Military Balance Blog

    Berlin looks to build Future Combat Aircraft System consortium

    19 June 2017.  Germany is looking at the potential of building a next-generation combat aircraft with at least France, Spain and Sweden as possible partners. There are indications that preliminary talks with these nations have already taken place. 

  • Military Balance Blog

    Asian defence-procurement trends: action–reaction cycle of submarine and ASW acquisitions

    06 June 2017.  Despite slower growth in defence budgets this year, Asian armed forces began to reap the benefits of past investments and continued to move forward with major equipment acquisitions. This was notably the case for submarine platforms.

  • Strategic Dossiers

    Chapter Eight: Managing the Asia-Pacific’s Nuclear Dynamics

    02 June 2017. 

    Strains in the Nuclear Order; China: A Secure Second-Strike Capability in a More Contested Asia-Pacific; Uncertainty about the US Regional Nuclear Posture; Enter the Trump Administration; Conclusion

  • Shangri-La Voices

    Japan's growing concern over China's naval might

    30 May 2017.  In this article for BBC News, Alexander Neill takes a look at the tension between Japan and China in the naval domain. As Japan's naval forces and their largest warship, the JS Izumo, take a more active role in Asian waters, the potential for escalation between the two countries is increasing.

  • Military Balance Blog

    Declining utility of anti-armour weapons: Norway’s inconvenient truth

    29 May 2017.  Serving as a public wake-up call, the Norwegian Ministry of Defence has issued a warning on the threat to current NATO anti-armour capabilities from the increased fielding of active protection systems (APS) on armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs).

  • Military Balance Blog

    New defence-economics data confirms key trends

    22 May 2017.  New defence-economics data just released for the Military Balance+ database suggests that Middle East expenditures continue to decline while NATO states’ rise slowly. A twist on previous trends, however, emerges in Asia: while defence budgets remain on the uptick, the pace of growth is slowing down.

  • Military Balance Blog

    US submarines as ‘big sticks’: growing power-projection role

    16 May 2017.  On 25 April, the modified Ohio-class nuclear-powered cruise-missile submarine (SSGN) USS Michigan docked in the South Korean port of Busan. The US Navy called the visit ’routine’, but the timing of it, in a period of tension on the Korean Peninsula, and the prominence given to it were anything but.

  • Military Balance Blog

    North Korea’s cruise missiles – nascent systems; uncertain capability

    12 May 2017.  Pyongyang’s continuing investment in ballistic-missile technology was once again readily apparent during the country’s 15 April military parade. Notable perhaps by its absence, however, was any sign of a ‘modern’ cruise-missile complement to the DPRK’s ballistic weaponry.

  • Military Balance Blog

    Multi-mission priorities for major navies

    10 May 2017.  In early April 2017, the United States struck targets in Syria with 59 Tomahawk land-attack missiles (TLAMs). The TLAMs were launched from the guided-missile destroyers USS Porter and USS Ross in the eastern Mediterranean. It was a reminder, among other things, of the multi-mission capabilities of the Arleigh Burke-class destroyers, which will continue to figure prominently in the US Navy’s developing fleet plan, as other major navies consider their multi-mission...

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