Heightened risk for governments, businesses and individuals.

IISS analysts have addressed the growing cyber security threat in the Middle East. The topic featured in a special discussion at the IISS Manama Dialogue in Bahrain.

John Raine, IISS Senior Adviser for Geopolitical Due Diligence, said: "The Gulf is one of the most digitally ambitious regions in the world. The protection of its data, digital infrastructure and software will be critical to the region achieving its social and economic goals - and realising the potential of its youthful population.

"However, engagement with the issue by companies and states in the Gulf is comparatively low - particularly when set against the region's formidable cyber threats.  Amidst the region's many security challenges, is this a neglected flank? There is potential for an innovative and federated response within the region and across the government-private sector divide. Meeting the cyber security challenge demands not only the engagement of specialists, but the skills and experience of the whole of society."  

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