The international security community should seek to bring North Korea to its senses, not its knees, advises Commander of the United States Pacific Command Admiral Harry B. Harris.

The rules-based international order that has enabled 70 years of unparalleled prosperity in the Indo-Asia-Pacific is under threat, said Commander of the United States Pacific Command Admiral Harry B. Harris during his IISS Fullerton Lecture in Singapore on 17 October. Outlining challenges to the region’s security and opportunities for collaboration, Harris asserted that:

  • diplomacy backed by credible military powers is the preferred way to deal with North Korea;
  • North Korea has only one ally: China is the key to a peaceful outcome on the Korean Peninsula;
  • Chinese provocations in the East China and South China seas are eroding the rules-based international order;
  • China is a future threat that should be dealt with realistically, by enhancing communications and reducing miscalculations;
  • multinational collaboration is needed to stop Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, from spreading its ideology in the Indo-Asia-Pacific.

During a lively Q&A session, Admiral Harris addressed topics including the role of ASEAN, India as a net security provider, and Europe’s security interests in the region.

Watch the full video below.

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