13 Nov

Discussion meeting Monday 13 November 2017, 01:00 - 02:00 PM GMT

Beyond the Doklam confrontation: challenges and prospects for Sino–Indian relations

Prime Minister Modi and President Xi

This summer’s tense 73-day military standoff between Indian and Chinese troops in the disputed Doklam area, at the tri-junction of China, Bhutan and Sikkim in India, has added to the uneasiness between Asia’s two major rising powers. The longest and most serious China–India standoff for decades eventually ended on 28 August after several rounds of closed-door bilateral negotiations and discussions. These events occurred against a background of sharpening competition between the two countries, despite an unprecedented growth in Sino-Indian bilateral trade, with China becoming India’s largest trading partner.

What does the military standoff at Doklam mean for the future of Sino-Indian relations? How will China’s growing presence and influence in South Asia impact bilateral interactions? And what will be the impact of China’s recently concluded 19th Communist Party Congress on relations with India?

Dr Swaran Singh is Professor for Diplomacy and Disarmament at the Centre for International Politics, Organisation and Disarmament, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India. He is also President of the Association of ASIA Scholars in New Delhi, General Secretary of the Indian Association for the Asian and Pacific Studies, and Guest Professor at the Research Institute for Indian Ocean Economies, Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, China. Dr Singh has 25 years of experience in research and teaching and has written extensively on China’s foreign and security policies with special focus on China-India confidence building measures, as well as on arms control and disarmament, peace and conflict resolution, and India’s foreign and security policies.

This event was chaired by Antoine Levesques, Research Associate for South Asia, IISS. It took place in the Trafalgar Room at Arundel House, 6 Temple Place, London WC2R 2PG.


Antoine Levesques

Antoine Levesques

Antoine Levesques is Research Associate for South Asia and contributes to the South Asia Programme’s research, analysis and outreach on political-strategic, defence, military and security issues. He manages the IISS research project on India–China land border management, and coordinates the annual IISS South Asia Security Conference in Oman.

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Monday 13 November, 1–2pm GMT
Arundel House, London
Dr Swaran Singh, Professor for Diplomacy and Disarmament, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University
Antoine Levesques, Research Associate for South Asia, IISS