About the Cyber, Space and Future Conflict Programme

The programme analyses the application of information and communication technology (ICT) for military and intelligence purposes, from satellites and robotics to artificial intelligence and social media, as well as impending advances such as quantum computing. The IISS is laying the intellectual foundation for a new era of strategic thought.

There are four principal research streams: it provides an ongoing assessment of the capabilities of the leading cyber powers, revealed through their ICT-based operations; it analyses the impact of legal and normative initiatives that are intended to influence state behaviour in cyberspace; it provides a critical analysis of new technologies that are being adopted by the military, and of doctrines that intend to influence or coerce civil society; and it considers the prospect of state competition in space.

The programme seeks to engage decision-makers in the leading cyber powers through convening ‘Track 1.5’ meetings to promote transparency and trust; and – building on our dossier on the development of cyber power – to publish research that provides a solid factual basis and rigorous intellectual framework for the expert and policy-making communities.