Azaz, 23 April 2013. A mosque damaged in the fighting in Syria (Photo: ICRC)

Armed Conflict

With facts and figures on global conflicts, this IISS research programme also offers extensive analysis on the changing character of armed conflict.

Expert: Anastasia Voronkova

Editor, Armed Conflict Survey; Research Fellow for Armed Conflict and Armed Conflict Database

New publication

Armed Conflict Survey 2016

The Armed Conflict Survey provides in-depth analysis of the political, military and humanitarian dimensions of all major armed conflicts, as well as data on fatalities, refugees and internally displaced persons. Compiled by the IISS, publisher of The Military Balance, it is the standard reference work on contemporary conflict.

  • The Military Balance

    Editor’s Introduction

    14 February 2018.  Defence policymakers worldwide remain challenged by a complex and fractured security environment, marked by increased uncertainty in relations between states and the proliferation of advanced military capabilities. 


  • Expert Commentary

    Shifting weight of military power

    29 January 2018.  IISS Chief Executive John Chipman tells Davos great-power conflict is more likely now than at any point in last 25 years.

  • Adelphi Books

    Chapter One: Tentative hegemony from Mandela to Zuma

    25 January 2018. 

    South Africa has tried to work in concert with with other African states on economic development, conflict management, good governance and institution-building. This chapter reviews South Africa's regional policies under its three post-apartheid presidents: Nelson Mandela (1994–1999), Thabo Mbeki (1999–2008) and Jacob Zuma 2009–present).

  • Politics and Strategy

    Pakistan and India can help pressure Pyongyang

    19 December 2017.  As the prospect of war with North Korea becomes more likely, Mark Fitzpatrick discusses the role of Pakistan and India in deterring Pyongyang.

  • Expert Commentary

    The new Great Game in the Middle East

    04 December 2017.  Since the fall of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, Iran has become ever more powerful in the region. But now a new Saudi-led alliance is fighting back. Are we heading for a catastrophe?

  • IISS Voices

    Iran, Russia and Turkey are winners in fractured Middle East

    01 December 2017.  Iran dominates the regional security agenda – while Turkey has weathered an attempted coup and turmoil in neighbouring Syria. These countries join Russia as the rising powers in the Middle East.

  • Politics and Strategy

    North Korea punctures a pause

    29 November 2017.  North Korea’s latest ballistic-missile test shows that diplomacy wasn't given a chance, writes Mark Fitzpatrick.

  • Events

    Armed conflict in cities: humanitarian implications and responses

    28 November 2017. 

    Tuesday 28 November–Wednesday 29 November
    Humanitarium, Geneva

    Speakers included:
    Ben Barry, Senior Fellow for Land Warfare, IISS
    Virginia Comolli, Senior Fellow for Security and Development, IISS
    Bastian Giegerich, Director of Defence and Military Analysis, IISS
    Antonio Sampaio, Research Associate for Security and Development, IISS

  • Politics and Strategy

    The increasing likelihood of war with North Korea

    08 November 2017.  War involving North Korea is a 50/50 proposition over the next year, says Mark Fitzpatrick.

  • IISS Voices

    Peacekeeping in Ukraine: limited progress amidst uncertainties?

    10 October 2017.  Russia's proposal for UN Peacekeepers in the Donbas region is missing vital details.

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