• Military Balance Blog

    Fielding US Navy lasers: not quite speed-of-light

    08 February 2018.  The US Navy wants to field laser weapons on ships in the next few years. But technical obstacles, such as power output and targeting, remain.

  • Strategic Comments

    Washington’s incoherent climate policy

    06 February 2018.  US President Donald Trump's reversal of long-standing American climate policy – in particular, his decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement – is informed mainly by domestic politics, ideology and short-termism. Even if sub-federal US entities' voluntary adherence to emissions reduction enables the United States to meet its targets, following through on the rejection of the Agreement would intensify perceptions that the United States has abdicated global leadership.

  • Politics and Strategy

    A nervous Nuclear Posture Review

    05 February 2018.  The Trump administration’s diagnosis of nuclear-weapons challenges is understandable, but its prescriptions are misguided.

  • Strategic Comments

    Trump’s Jerusalem move

    31 January 2018. 

    The Trump administration's decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem and recognise that city as Israel's capital appears to be strongly influenced by US domestic political considerations. Though welcomed by the Israeli right, the move has attracted widespread regional and international condemnation and outraged the Palestinian leadership. It is unlikely to lead to promising Israeli-Palestinian negotiations on the final status of the Palestinian territories, and could significantly degrade security in the region.

  • Survival

    Losing Cronkite

    30 January 2018.  There is much more to the why and how of America’s tragedy in Vietnam than some are prepared to admit.

  • Survival


    30 January 2018.  In the February–March issue, Aaron L. Friedberg argues that China’s economic strategy involves hedging against the West while enhancing its leverage over others; Gordon Barrass and Nigel Inkster analyse Xi Jinping’s strategic vision; Mark Fitzpatrick warns against abandoning the Iran nuclear deal; Ben Barry asks whether Pakistan’s tactical nuclear weapons serve the country’s interests; Elisabeth Marteu examines how Israel is facing the jihadi threat; Daniel Byman considers how the US...

  • Survival

    War and Peace After the Age of Liberal Globalisation

    30 January 2018.  The new era will be one of Sino-American bipolarity and disorder, a global system in which a premium should be put on carefulness in the execution of policy.

  • Survival

    Confronting Iran

    30 January 2018.  The Trump administration has an opportunity to counter Iranian influence in the Middle East – but its incompetence could prove disastrous.

  • Expert Commentary

    From Truman to Trump: the tragic trajectory of the US-Israeli alliance

    30 January 2018.  This year Israel marks its 70th anniversary. But, punctuated by Trump’s cartoonish Middle East policy, it's a melancholy milestone for America-Israel relations, marking the deterioration of the ethics and ideals that once bound them together.

  • Events

    Book Discussion: Anatomy of Failure – Why America Loses Every War It Starts

    23 January 2018. 

    Tuesday 23 January, 10–11am EST
    IISS–Americas, Washington DC
    Dr Harlan Ullman, Senior Advisor, Atlantic Council; Distinguished Senior Fellow and Visiting Professor, US Naval War College
    Mark Fitzpatrick, Executive Director, IISS–Americas

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