• Military Balance Blog

    European defence spending: the new consensus

    15 February 2018.  Changing threat perceptions and an improved economic climate have prompted European states to increase defence spending.

  • Events

    The UK’s contribution to European security and defence

    12 February 2018. 

    Monday 12 February, 1.30–3pm GMT
    Arundel House, London
    Dr Bastian Giegerich, Director of Defence and Military Analysis, IISS
    Dr Christian Mölling, Research Director, German Council on Foreign Relations
    Brigadier (Retd) Ben Barry, Senior Fellow for Land Warfare, IISS

  • Military Balance Blog

    After Brexit, what role should the UK play in European security and defence?

    12 February 2018.  Could defence and security be positive chapters in the Brexit story? Nobody wins if European common security is compromised, argue Bastian Giegerich and Christian Mölling in a new research paper. An unconditional commitment to the security of their citizens should inspire a serious conversation about how the remaining EU member states and the UK can work together.

  • Military Balance Blog

    France and Germany: drivers of European defence-industrial cooperation

    18 December 2017.  Obstacles remain for European defence-industrial rationalisation, but the current Franco-German drive could provide a new impetus.

  • Survival

    Avoiding a Hard Brexit in Foreign Policy

    20 November 2017.  It cannot be assumed that the United Kingdom and European Union’s current shared foreign-policy interests will be saved from the broader disruption of Brexit.

  • Events

    CANCELLED - Going global vs staying local: Romania’s agenda as a connector between Europe and Asia

    17 November 2017. 

    Friday 17 November, 6–7pm SGT
    The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore
    His Excellency Teodor Meleşcanu, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Romania
    Alexander Neill, Shangri-La Dialogue Senior Fellow for Asia Pacific Security, IISS

  • Strategic Comments

    Spain’s Catalan separatist crisis

    16 November 2017. 

    Catalonia's 1 October referendum on independence precipitated a major political crisis in Spain and prompted Madrid to assume direct rule of Catalonia pending regional elections scheduled for 21 December. There appears to be a realistic possibility that Catalan voters will opt for a less disruptive push for enhanced autonomy within Spain. But if they re-assert independence, the cycle witnessed over the past several months could repeat and produce deeper crisis.

  • Politics and Strategy

    Macron’s European vision

    09 October 2017.  Fabrice Pothier interprets French President Emmanuel Macron’s recent speech as heralding a bold and ambitious – if not essentially new – strategy for French leadership in the European Union.

  • Events

    Strategic Survey 2017: The Annual Assessment of Geopolitics

    20 September 2017. 

    Wednesday 20 September, 9.30–10.30am BST
    Arundel House, London
    Dr John Chipman, Director-General and Chief Executive, IISS
    Virginia Comolli, Senior Fellow for Security and Development, IISS
    Emile Hokayem, Senior Fellow for Middle East Security, IISS
    Nigel Inkster, Special Adviser, IISS
    Dr Nicholas Redman, Director of Editorial; Editor of Strategic Survey, IISS

  • Military Balance Blog

    EU initiatives for defence industry: breaking the curse of the ‘juste retour’?

    06 September 2017.  The European Commission’s European Defence Fund and associated initiatives are necessary but small steps on the long road to increased European defence-industrial cooperation, says Lucie Béraud-Sudreau.

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