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    Jerusalem announcement: US may cede more ground to Russia in the Middle East

    15 December 2017.  Moscow poised to gain from Washington's diplomatic missteps

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    Trump’s Jerusalem announcement: shooting his Arab allies in the foot

    07 December 2017.  The president has lit a fire and left his Arab allies to deal with the blaze.

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    Background to the Sinai conflict

    24 November 2017.  The November mosque attack on civilians in Sinai points to the enduring threat posed by jihadist militants in the area. The IISS Armed Conflict Survey includes analysis on the ongoing conflict in the Sinai Peninsula.

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    Fatah and Hamas face huge challenges despite reconciliation agreement

    18 October 2017.  Egypt's desire for a stable neighbour, Fatah power struggles and Hamas's bid for legitimacy are all factors in the new Palestinian reconciliation deal. But after a decade of failed agreements, the deal's success cannot be taken for granted.

  • Events

    MENA economies: Positioning for a new world (dis)order

    16 September 2017. 

    16–17 September
    Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay, Manama
    Select speakers:
    Mr Carl Bildt, former Prime Minister, Sweden; Member of the Council, IISS
    HE Mr Amr Al-Garhy, Minister of Finance, Arab Republic of Egypt
    Dr Joachim von Amsberg, Vice President, Policy and Strategy, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
    HE Mr Khalid Al-Rumaihi, Chief Executive, Bahrain Economic Development Board

  • Strategic Comments

    High noon for Libya’s Potemkin government

    02 August 2017.  Strongman Khalifa Haftar is challenging Libya's internationally recognised but weak Government of National Accord for effective control of the country. While France has brokered a ceasefire and a new peace initiative, Haftar has substantial outside support from Egypt and the UAE, and the eventual political dispensation will probably turn on further military developments.

  • Expert Commentary

    Qatar and the interconnection of regional crises

    29 July 2017.  The Qatar crisis is not simply a regional tiff, it is a fundamental disagreement about the direction the wider region should take. The West needs to see that actions in one country immediately affect others, says Sir John Jenkins.

  • Armed Conflict Survey

    Chapter 3: Middle East

    09 May 2017. 

    Mali (The Sahel)
    Turkey (PKK)

  • Expert Commentary

    Netanyahu did not miss historic chance for peace

    03 March 2017.  Last year Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu dismissed a United States plan for peace in the Middle East, the Israeli press has suggested. But, while former US Secretary of State John Kerry did organise a secret meeting in Jordan between Netanyahu, Jordanian King Abdullah II and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sissi, this so-called ‘historic missed opportunity’ stood no chance of triggering a breakthrough in the region.

  • Events

    Egypt six years after the revolution

    05 December 2016. 

    Discussion Meeting
    Dr H.A. Hellyer, Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East, Atlantic Council
    Arundel House, London
    Monday 5 December 2016, 12.30–1.30PM BST

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