• Events

    The future of the two Sudans

    21 June 2013. 

    Discussion Meeting
    Dr Amin Hasan Omer, Chief Negotiator for Darfur
    Tadjeldeen Bashir Nyam, Minister for Reconstruction in Darfur
    Arundel House, London
    Friday 21 June 2013

  • Geo-economics and Strategy Conferences

    Resource Competition, Business Opportunity and Regional Security in Eastern Africa: Fareed Mohamedi

    09 April 2013. 

    Fifth Session: Resource Competition, Business Opportunity and Regional Security in Eastern Africa
    Fareed Mohamedi, Vice-President, Industry Analysis, Statoil
    Geo-economics and Strategy Conference - The Geo-economics of Resources and Conflict in Africa

  • The Military Balance

    Chapter 9: Sub-Saharan Africa

    14 March 2013.  Military roles and capabilities

    Continental security initiatives: harmonising continental SSR programmes; the African Standby Force.
    Continental security crises: wider African effects of Libya's civil war; AMISOM advances; developing South Sudan's security forces.
    Sub-Saharan Africa defence economics
    South Africa: Defence Review 2012; doctrine; SANDF; readiness; defence economics.

  • Events

    Somalia's transition: rebuilding the state and security

    11 March 2013. 

    Key Address
    Dr Abdiweli Mohamed Ali, Former Prime Minister of Somalia
    Arundel House, London
    Monday 11 March 2013

  • Strategic Comments

    Kenya’s election: risk of violence

    28 January 2013.  Overshadowing Kenya's 4 March presidential election is the ethnic violence that followed the last election in 2007. The contest has been marred by secret agreements between candidates; new political parties created out of thin air; lawsuits filed, dropped and re-filed; and questions about the competence and integrity of the leading candidates and the political system as a whole.

  • Strategic Survey

    Chapter 7: Africa

    13 September 2012.  West Africa: Spillover from Northern Troubles
    Somalia: Signs of Renaissance
    Sudan and South Sudan: After the Split
    South and East Africa: Political Wrangling

  • IISS Voices

    Randolph Bell: Al-Shabaab branches out into Kenya

    22 August 2012.  By Randolph Bell, Managing Director, IISS-US Al-Shabaab has been spotted in Kenya more often recently. It has been just over a year since the Somali Islamist group was ousted from Mogadishu by African Union and Somali troops. The city is relatively peaceful for the first time in years (above), and although presidential elections due on 20 August have been postponed, its first official parliament in two decades was sworn in this...

  • IISS Voices

    Virginia Comolli: Somali pirates now worry Mozambique

    09 May 2012.  By Virginia Comolli, Research Analyst  Petroleum reserves and the discovery of large offshore gas fields have put Mozambique in the news in recent years. But the country is still battling the legacy of prolonged conflict during its 1964-74 war of independence and 1977-1992 civil war. More than half the population lives below the poverty line and the country relies heavily on foreign aid. Mozambique’s President Armando Guebuza (pictured) also expressed concern...

  • The Military Balance

    Chapter 9: Sub-Saharan Africa

    07 March 2012.  African standby force

    West Africa
    East Africa
    Central Africa
    Southern Africa
    South Africa
    Sub-Saharan Africa defence economics

  • Events

    A moment of opportunity in Somalia?

    22 February 2012. 

    Key Address
    Dr Abdiweli Mohamed Ali, Prime Minister of Somalia
    Arundel House, London
    Wednesday 22 February 2012

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