• Events

    Can 'maximum pressure' halt North Korea's nuclear-armed missile development short of war?

    15 February 2018. 

    Thursday 15 February, 6.30–7.30pm EST
    One Grand Central Place, New York
    Stephanie T. Kleine-Ahlbrandt
    Evans Revere
    Mark Fitzpatrick
    Rick Grove, President, US Friends of the IISS

  • The Military Balance

    Chapter I, Part I: Chinese and Russian air-launched weapons: a test for Western air dominance

    14 February 2018. 

    Chinese progress
    Russian resurgence
    Going electronic
    Long- and very-long-range engagement
    A challenging future environment

  • The Military Balance

    Chapter 6: Asia

    14 February 2018.  Asia: Concerns over China; Five Power Defence Arrangements; Korean Peninsula; Regional insurgency and terrorism; Defence economics; Macroeconomics: the world’s fastest-growing region; Defence budgets and procurement: responding to latent threats; Arms industry: push on self-reliance and intra-Asian arms trade
    China: Policy developments; Organisational reform; New CMC leadership changes; Space; Expanding international presence; People’s Liberation Army; People’s Liberation Army Rocket Force; People’s Liberation Army Air Force: continuing reorganisation; People’s Liberation Army Navy; Defence economics; Reorganising the defence science and
    technology system; Implementing major projects; Defence-industry reform; Civil–military integration; Funding
    Taiwan: Bolstering defence capability; Defence economics; Defence industry

  • The Military Balance

    Editor’s Introduction

    14 February 2018.  Defence policymakers worldwide remain challenged by a complex and fractured security environment, marked by increased uncertainty in relations between states and the proliferation of advanced military capabilities. 


  • The Military Balance

    The Military Balance 2018 Wall Chart: Strategic-forces modernisation

    14 February 2018.  The Military Balance 2018 includes a wall chart focused on ‘Strategic-forces modernisation: China, Russia and the United States’.

  • Expert Commentary

    New kid on the block: the PLA's global ambitions

    10 February 2018.  China’s military ambitions are approaching Europe‘s backyard. There is potential for cooperation – but over the longer term, the two sides may find their interests conflict more often than not.

  • Military Balance Blog

    New wall chart: Strategic-forces modernisation: China, Russia and the United States

    09 February 2018.  The Military Balance 2018 comes with a new wall chart, displaying the numbers of Chinese, Russian and US land-, air- and sea-based nuclear-delivery systems in 1987, 2017 and 2037.

  • Events

    China's military after the 19th Party Congress

    08 February 2018. 

    Thursday 8 February, 9.30–11am GMT
    Arundel House, London
    Helena Legarda, Research Associate, The Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS)
    Meia Nouwens, Research Fellow for Chinese Defence Policy and Military Modernisation, IISS

  • Military Balance Blog

    What does China’s declassification of patents reveal about its defence strategy?

    08 February 2018.  China's release of thousands of national defence patents in early 2017 was intended to spur innovation in the civilian sector and forms part of a bold military modernisation drive. But can such moves realistically bring China closer to achieving its strategic goals? A new research report offers a detailed analysis.

  • IISS Voices

    China Global Security Tracker, August to December 2017

    07 February 2018.  New analysis of China's defense and security policy, diplomatic initiatives and military operations - as well as the domestic drivers of Beijing's expansive policies.

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