• Survival

    Chechnya: Has Moscow Won?

    01 August 2008.  Far more than is generally acknowledged outside Russia, Moscow’s policies towards Chechnya have succeeded in their aims. However, it would be unwise to assume this represents a long-term solution to the problems in the North Caucasus.

  • Survival

    Separatism and Democracy in the Caucasus

    01 August 2008.  The internal dynamics of unrecognised states remain under‐analysed; most research has focused on relations between the entities and their (de jure) parent states. While the issue of state‐building has received rudimentary attention, the proclaimed adherence to democratic values, and the accompanying process of democratisation, has not been systematically analysed.

  • Strategic Comments

    Sparring over Abkhazia

    04 June 2008.  Tenstions between Russia and Georgia

  • Strategic Comments

    Georgia and NATO

    02 January 2008.  Membership quest in the balance

  • Strategic Dossiers

    Chapter Six: Illicit Trafficking in Radioactive Materials

    02 May 2007.  Introduction; Nuclear trafficking statistics; Nuclear materials; Low-grade nuclear materials; ‘Weapons-usable’ nuclear materials; Geographic patterns and smuggling routes; Nuclear black market players; Conclusions.

  • Strategic Survey

    Chapter 5: Russia and Eurasia

    05 September 2006.  Russia: An Emerging Energy Superpower?
    Ukraine: Tensions with Russia
    The South Caucasus: Conflicts Cloud Prospects
    Central Asia: Developing Relationships Eastwards
    Conclusion: Russia’s Regional Power Curbed

  • Survival

    Chaos in the North Caucasus and Russia’s Future

    01 June 2006. 

    If the tactics used in Chechnya are applied elsewhere in the region, the resulting alienation, anger and radicalism will swell militant Islamists’ ranks.

  • Strategic Comments

    The Georgian–Ossetian conflict

    01 March 2006.  A way out of deadlock?

  • Survival

    Turkey and Russia: Axis of the Excluded?

    01 March 2006. 

    Turkish–Russian relations have not yet blossomed into a strategic partnership but the United States can no longer rely on Turkey as an automatic counterweight to Russia in regions like the Black Sea and the Caucasus.

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