In the February–March 2015 issue of Survival, Chester A. Crocker, François Heisbourg, Lawrence Freedman and Matthew Kroenig discuss strategy in a world adrift; Nigel Inkster, Lawrence J. Cavaiola, David C. Gompert and Martin Libicki explore war online; Zahir Kazmi, Mark Fitzpatrick, Arundhati Ghose and Manpreet Sethi debate Pakistan's nuclear future; and Jonathan Stevenson reviews the US Senate study on CIA torture.

In their otherwise thorough response to my book, Arundhati Ghose and Manpreet Sethi mistake a premise of my recommendation that Pakistan should be offered a nuclear cooperation deal akin to the one provided to India. ‘Akin to’ does not mean ‘the same as’. In my book I argued that Pakistan should be required to meet a higher standard because of its dismal record of nuclear stewardship. I suggested, for example, that Pakistan be required to accept the Comprehensive Test-Ban Treaty, something India has not yet done, and to allow negotiation of a treaty to ban fissile-material production. Contrary to what Ghose and Sethi claim, the deal I proposed is certainly not what Pakistan’s government has been demanding.

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Mark Fitzpatrick is Director for Non-Proliferation and Disarmament at the IISS. He is the author of Overcoming Pakistan’s Nuclear Dangers, Adelphi 443 (Abingdon: Routledge for the IISS, 2014).

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Survival: Global Politics and Strategy

February-March 2015

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