• Survival

    Survival: Global Politics and Strategy December 2014–January 2015

    01 December 2014.  In the December 2014–January 2015 issue of Survival, Lawrence Freedman examines Russia’s strategy in the Ukraine conflict; Emile Hokayem analyses the Syrian civil war in light of competition between Iran and the Gulf states; and Robert Ayson and Desmond Ball explore the dangers of confrontation between China, Japan and the United States in the Asia-Pacific. Also in the issue: Alexander Nicoll on Britain’s politics of union and immigration; Henri J...

  • Survival

    Survival: Global Politics and Strategy October–November 2014

    17 September 2014. 

    In the October–November 2014 issue of Survival, Toby Dodge discusses the origins and consequences of state weakness in Iraq; Christopher J. Fettweis looks at the shortfalls in US strategy that have persisted since the Cold War; and Samuel Charap analyses the Ukraine crisis in light of deadlocked diplomacy between Russia and the West. Also in the issue: Shiloh Fetzek and Jeffrey Mazo on climate change, resources and conflict; Jonathan Holslag on the security implications of China’s growing ambitions; and Mark Gilbert on corruption and reform in Italy.

  • Survival

    Survival: Global Politics and Strategy August–September 2014

    01 August 2014.  In the August–September 2014 issue of Survival, David C. Gompert and Martin Libicki examine the risks of a cyber war between the United States and China; William W. Burke-White discusses the changing international legal order in the context of the Ukraine crisis; and Behlül Ozkan analyses Ahmet Davutoglu’s influence on Turkish foreign policy. Also in the issue: Leif-Eric Easley on US surveillance programmes and trust among allies; Antônio Sampaio on democracy and protest in Brazil; and Yogesh Joshi and Frank O’Donnell on India’s submarine programme and nuclear proliferation in Asia.

  • Survival

    Survival: Global Politics and Strategy June–July 2014

    19 May 2014.  In the June–July 2014 issue of Survival, Lawrence Freedman discusses crisis management and its implications for Ukraine, Karl Eikenberry analyses America’s loss of enthusiasm for military intervention, and Alexander Nicoll considers Scotland’s referendum on independence. Also in the issue: Jonathan Stevenson on Syria and US foreign policy; Pierre Noël on energy supply and maritime security in Asia; and Russell Crandall on Mexico’s drug cartels.

  • Survival

    Survival: Global Politics and Strategy April–May 2014

    01 April 2014.  In the April–May 2014 issue of Survival, François Heisbourg considers the case for dismantling the euro; Samuel Charap and Keith Darden discuss the Ukraine crisis and Russia’s foreign policy; and Shahram Chubin analyses Iran’s military capabilities. Also in the issue: Omer Taspinar on the end of the Turkish model, H.R. McMaster on photography at war and Rolf Tanner on narrative and conflict in the Middle East.

  • Survival

    Survival: Global Politics and Strategy February–March 2014

    01 February 2014. 

    In the February–March 2014 issue of Survival, Paul D. Miller discusses the influence of religion on US foreign policy, Daniel Byman examines the rise of sectarianism in the Middle East and Christian Le Mière analyses security dilemmas in Asia. Also in the issue: Florence Gaub on the crisis in Libya; James Mina and Daniel Serwer on circumventing the Strait of Hormuz; and Nigel Inkster on the Snowden revelations.