• Survival

    Survival: Global Politics and Strategy December 2012–January 2013

    01 December 2012. 

    The December 2012–January 2013 issue of Survival includes articles on international affairs after the US election by Aaron Friedberg, Dana Allin, Angela Stent and Mark Fitzpatrick. Blake Clayton and Michael Levi discuss oil and geopolitics, and Charles Freilich, Erik Jones and Henri Barkey cover current issues in Israel, Turkey and Iran. Douglas Barrie and Christopher Chivvis look back at the Libya intervention, and review essays cover Turkey's new historiography, military adaptation and Latin America's Cold War.

  • Survival

    Survival: Global Politics and Strategy October–November 2012

    01 October 2012. 

    The October–November 2012 issue includes articles on the debate over the direction of US foreign policy from Paul D. Miller, Amir Stepak, Rachel Whitlark and Ruth Deyermond. Lanxin Xiang, Feng Zhang and Michael Pillsbury highlight aspects of China's foreign-policy thinking, and Hossein Mousavian discusses the prospect of a nuclear-weapons-free zone in the Middle East.

  • Survival

    Survival: Global Politics and Strategy August–September 2012

    01 August 2012. 

    In the August–September 2012 issue of Survival, James Dobbins asks how a war with China might begin, proceed and end, or be prevented, while James Farwell and Rafal Rohozinski highlight the creation of new cyber-warfare norms. François Heisbourg and Erik Jones shine a spotlight on instability in the eurozone, and Andrew Parasiliti looks at Closing the Deal with Iran.

  • Survival

    Survival: Global Politics and Strategy June–July 2012

    01 June 2012. 

    In the June–July 2012 issue of Survival, Robert Skidelsky, Jeffrey Frankel, Sanjaya Baru and Bill Emmott look at the geo-economic trends that are shaping global politics in an era of economic crisis. Lanxin Xiang asks how the downfall of a 'princeling' might lead to political reform in China, and Christian Le Mière examines the naval dimension of 'Americas Pivot to East Asia'.

  • Survival

    Survival: Global Politics and Strategy April–May 2012

    01 April 2012. 

    In the April–May 2012 issue of Survival, Emile Hokayem looks at how the actions of Syria's neighbouring states might affect the future of the Bashar al-Assad regime; Philipp Bleek and Aaron Stein explore the potential for American-Turkish cooperation over the Iranian nuclear issue; and Jean-Loup Samaan examines 'Jordans New Geopolitics'. Also in the issue: Brahma Chellaney on 'Asias Worsening Water Crisis', Elizabeth Pond on 'Justice and Democracy in the Balkans', and John Harper on 'The Kennan Century'.

  • Survival

    Survival: Global Politics and Strategy February–March 2012

    01 February 2012. 

    In the February–March 2012 issue of Survival, Matthew Harries explores the potential for increased Franco-British cooperation on nuclear issues; Dean A. Wilkening asks whether missile defence in Europe threatens Russia; and Erik Jones examines Italy's Sovereign Debt Crisis. Other highlights include Michael Elleman on Iran's missile threat, Andrew Parasiliti on the end of America's mission in Iraq, and Charles Kupchan on the future of the EU.