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    Taming Intervention: Sovereignty, Statehood and Political Order in Africa

    By Ricardo Soares de Oliveira and Harry Verhoeven

    A continent that was once the world’s most insistent on state sovereignty has become highly tolerant of military intervention.

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    Resisting Impunity for Chemical-Weapons Attacks

    By Rebecca Hersman

    A new, French-led partnership to hold perpetrators of chemical-weapons attacks to account arrives not a moment too soon.

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    Smart Cities: A New Age of Digital Insecurity

    By Yu-Min Joo and Teck-Boon Tan

    Digitally enabled cities expose their residents to the possibility of a large-scale and damaging cyber attack.

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    On-again, off-again Korean summit

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Sanctions After Brexit

By Erica Moret and Fabrice Pothier

As a leading political, economic and soft-power actor, and home to one of the world’s premier financial centres, the UK has traditionally played a central role in shaping and implementing EU sanctions. But as Brexit negotiations continue, the future of joint work on sanctions faces substantial risk.

Strategic Stability, Uncertainty and the Future of Arms Control

The new US Nuclear Posture Review reflects changes in how the US thinks about its broader strategic environment. By Heather Williams

Russia’s Nuclear Policy: Worrying for the Wrong Reasons

The Russian nuclear problem is political more than it is military. By Bruno Tertrais