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    Strategic Survey 2016

    Strategic Survey 2016: The Annual Review of World Affairs provides objective, in-depth analysis of the developing relationships between major powers, charting the significant events and strategic decisions of the year.

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    Book launch

    Strategic Survey 2016

    The latest edition of Strategic Survey was launched on 27 September by IISS Director-General and Chief Executive Dr John Chipman, who delivered a strategic assessment of the global developments analysed in the book. This was followed by a question-and-answer session with IISS experts.

  1. New publication

  2. Book launch

Strategic Survey 2016

the annual review of world affairs

Latest Strategic Comments

Strategic Geography

Strategic Survey has long contained vital data in map form, providing detailed, accessible overviews of issues that are altering the balance of power regionally and globally. The Strategic Geography section in Strategic Survey 2016 features maps on China's Belt and Road Initiative, the development of Islamic State, the impact of sanctions on Russia, and more.

Key Strategic Risk Factors

Drivers of Strategic Change

In this section, IISS experts seek to identify the most important overarching trends in each region of the world using select data and other indicators.

Strategic Policy Issues

Climate-Change Policy

Strategic Survey 2016 contains special essays on climate diplomacy, the growing challenges for the nuclear non-proliferation movement, the effects of new technology on conflict, and more.