Strategic Comments

Strategic Comments is the Institute’s online source of analysis of international security and politico-military issues. Published in the form of 40 e-mail alerts per year, Strategic Comments articles offer succinct and cogent insights of consistent authority to a core readership of policymakers, journalists, business executives and foreign-affairs analysts. Since its foundation in 1995, Strategic Comments has harnessed the considerable expertise of the Institute’s research staff and members, as well as the broader strategic studies community.

'Strategic Comments fills an important niche in the pantheon of publications of the IISS. Foreign-affairs experts and business executives who rely on timely and accurate analyses of breaking international developments will find it invaluable'
Dr Henry Kissinger

'Crisp, relevant and informative'
Richard Haass, President, Council on Foreign Relations

‘Strategic Comments offers the rarest but most valuable of qualities in our overloaded age – brevity and cogency’
Jim Hoagland, The Washington Post

'Strategic Comments fills a major gap in coverage of strategic issues through up-to-date and authoritative commentaries'
Dr Zbigniew Brzezinski, Former US National Security Advisor

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