US Indian Ocean strategy

The US is likely to use the region as a staging area for counter-terrorism efforts in and around the Persian Gulf, and as a secondary theatre in the country's deepening strategic competition with China.


US Afghanistan policy: regional aspects

Donald Trump's new 'Afghanistan and South Asia' policy identifies Pakistan and India as key players but ignores or minimises other influential regional actors with vested interests in Afghanistan.

The Trump administration’s Afghanistan policy

The US is seeking to roll back the Taliban on the battlefield with far fewer American troops than Barack Obama deployed.

Al-Qaeda’s evolution since 9/11

Al-Qaeda appears to be gaining momentum after a period of relative quiescence. Hamza bin Laden  is a charismatic leader with his eye on Syria.


The North Korea crisis

The Trump administration should consider diplomatic engagement with Pyongyang before its nuclear-armed intercontinental ballistic missile becomes a fait accompli.

The Barcelona terrorist attacks

The sophistication of the Spanish terror cell, and Islamic State's determination to support out-of-area attacks, point to significant challenges for law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

The unwinding of South Africa’s foreign policy

South African President Jacob Zuma's corrupt personalisation of foreign policy is marginalising South Africa in continental and international affairs.

The Trump administration and the Russia probes

Special Counsel Robert Mueller heads the most aggressive of five investigations of possible collusion between US President Donald Trump's campaign and Russia to influence the 2016 US presidential election. Trump will probably continue to attack the special counsel's legitimacy and avoid unequivocally acknowledging Russian interference for as long as possible.