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    Explore, visualise and compare comprehensive global, regional and national macroeconomics and defence economics data sets. The system uses local currency and USD, IMF and national data, and outputs graphs and charts. 


    Data measures include: Defence budgets. Defence budgets as a  % of GDP. Defence expenditure. GDP. GDP per capita. GDP growth %. Inflation %.


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    View and search hundreds of signed, cancelled or completed procurement contracts, or those under negotiation, with more added weekly, creating an extensive view of the global defence-equipment trade.


    Filter orders by date, company, region, domain, type or value, or simply conduct a free-text search. Drill down into individual contracts, including original and current order timelines, contracted defence companies, construction locations and detailed order histories.


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    Forces and Equipment

    View complete hierarchy trees for regional and national active, reserve and paramilitary forces ​, including unit names (brigade, squadron etc.).


    View searchable and filterable global equipment lists for all land, sea and air types, including family relationships and associated procurement contracts. Search by type (e.g. UAV) or name (e.g. MQ-9 Reaper).

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    Exercises and Deployments

    View continuously monitored global military exercises, updated weekly, providing information on current exercises, those in the previous 12 months and those planned for the next 12 months. Search by location, participating countries, date or by exercise aim, e.g. combat search and rescue.


    Search global military deployments by theatre, originating country, mission and other factors. Navigate to a relevant deployment page for details such as number of personnel and types of forces and equipment deployed.

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    Data Analysis

    Use the powerful data-analysis tool for graphical and numerical side-by-side comparisons of equipment, personnel numbers and defence-economics measures over time. Search by ‘Active’, ‘In store’, ‘In reserve’ or ‘Non-operational’ equipment and by ‘Active Military’, ‘Active Paramilitary’, ‘Reserve Military’ and ‘Reserve Paramilitary’ personnel.

    Search by service (e.g. US Navy) as well as by country. Drill down into the search results to observe breakdowns of equipment types. 


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‘The Military Balance has, for over fifty years, been the go-to source of unclassified, independent information on defense capabilities around the world.’ -David Petraeus

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