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Using The Military Balance
Abbreviations and definitions
Country entries
Arms procurements and deliveries
Defence economics: Definitions of terms; Calculating exchange rates
General defence data: Personnel; Other forces; Non-state groups; Cyber; Forces by role and equipment by type; Deployments; Training activity
Land Forces
Naval Forces
Air Forces
Attribution and acknowledgements
Principal Land Definitions
Principal Naval Definitions
Principal Aviation Definitions

The Military Balance is updated each year to provide an assessment of the armed forces and defence expenditures of 171 countries and territories. Each edition contributes to the provision of a unique compilation of data and information, enabling the reader to discern trends by studying editions as far back as 1959. The data in the current edition is accurate according to IISS assessments as at November 2013, unless specified. Inclusion of a territory, country or state in The Military Balance does not imply legal recognition or indicate support for any government.


The introduction contains analysis of global defence issues and a summary of some themes in the book.

Part I contains essays that analyse important defence trends or debates, followed by the Comparative Defence Statistics graphics section, with features on defence economics, defence industry and military domains.

Regional chapters begin with an overview of the military issues facing the region, trends observed during the preceding year and regional defence economics, followed for select states by country-specific analysis of defence policy and capability issues, and defence economics. These are followed by military capability and defence economics data for regional countries, in alphabetical order. Selected Arms Procurements and Deliveries tables complete each region.

The Chart of Conflict is updated for 2013 to show data on recent and current armed conflicts. The additional theme is women in armed conflict.

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