Defence budgets and expenditure: Top 15 Defence Budgets 2013; 2013 Top 15 Defence and Security Budgets as a % of GDP; Planned Global Defence Expenditure by Region 2013; Planned Global Defence Expenditure by Country 2013; Real Global Defence Spending Changes by Region 2011–13; Real Defence Spending Changes in Selected States Since the 2008 Financial Crisis; Composition of Real Defence Spending Increases 2012–13; Composition of Real Defence Spending Reductions 2012–13
Infantry and soldier modernisation
Key defence statistics US Army armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) modernisation
Combat aircraft numbers reduce in European air forces
Global ‘flat-top’ fleets, 1964–2023

The Military Balance 2014, the annual assessment of the military capabilities and defence economics of 171 countries worldwide, was launched on Wednesday 5th February 2014.

Features in The Military Balance 2014:

Essays on developments in armed conflict, unmanned systems and the cyber domain; a graphics section of comparative defence statistics, including headline figures for defence economics and inventory holdings, and selected trends in land, sea, air and defence industry; regional and select country analyses covering major defence developments: featured texts in 2014 include Brazil, China, Ethiopia, France, Russia, Algeria, and the United States, among others; detailed entries showing each country’s military organisation, personnel numbers, equipment inventories, and relevant economic and demographic data; additional data-sets detailing selected arms orders, military exercises and deployments, as well as comparative defence expenditure and personnel data.

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