Download PDF The 11th IISS Global Strategic Review, Oslo, 19-21 September 2014.
  • Global Strategic Review Report 2014

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  • Foreword

    The international scene in 2014 has been marked by the emergence of simultaneous crises and tensions in Europe, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific, the rise of new, more convoluted and hybrid emergencies in much of the developing world, flux and dissonance in the geo-economic domain, and the more pervasive and palpable subsidence of any sense of a coherent global system. To understand each of these challenges in isolation, to...
  • Chapter One: Agenda

    Afternoon Delegates arrive in Oslo; Registration 18:30–19:30 OPENING RECEPTION 19:30–22:00 WELCOME, KEYNOTE ADDRESS AND OPENING DINNER Chair: Dr John Chipman, Director-General and Chief Executive, IISS Carl Bildt, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sweden Bård Glad Pedersen, State Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway 08:45–10:00 KEYNOTE SESSION Chair: Adam Ward, Director of Studies, IISS Professor François Heisbourg, Chairman of the Council, IISS; Special Adviser, Fondation pour la Recherche Stratégique Dr Igor Yurgens, Chairman, Institute of Contemporary Development; Member...
  • Chapter Two: Executive summary

    Ine Eriksen Søreide, Minister of Defence, Norway The last time the IISS convened in Oslo, 25 years ago, coincided with the opening of the Hungary–Austria border to East Germans pushing West and the breach of the Berlin Wall. A quarter-century later, comparable questions concerning an upended European if not global order were once more the subject of discussion at the 11th Global Strategic Review (GSR), convened on 19–21 September 2014...
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