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    Spoiler Groups and UN Peacekeeping

    27 February 2015.  This book is a policy guide for UN missions. It analyses the nature of non-permissive UN mission environments and argues that the UN should think afresh about its approach to missions in these settings. By embracing and developing three concepts – robust peacekeeping, political processes, and the protection of civilians – the UN can arrive at a stabilisation doctrine.

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    Middle Eastern Security, the US Pivot and the Rise of ISIS

    05 December 2014. 

    To mark the tenth anniversary of the IISS Manama Dialogue the IISS has produced an Adelphi book that analyses the key challenges now faced by the Middle East.

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    Paper Tigers: China’s Nuclear Posture

    05 December 2014.  This Adelphi book documents and explains the evolution of China’s nuclear forces in terms of historical, bureaucratic and ideological factors. There is a strategic logic at work, but that logic is mediated through politics, bureaucracy and ideology.

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    The Ties That Divide: History, Honour and Territory in Sino-Japanese Relations

    24 October 2014.  In this Adelphi William Choong argues that there is a pressing need for China and Japan to work out bilateral arrangements to prevent a further deterioration in relations.

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    Beyond Air–Sea Battle: The Debate Over US Military Strategy in Asia

    14 April 2014.  After a decade spent emphasising counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism operations, finding a credible response to China’s anti-access/area-denial capabilities is now the central task confronting US military planners.

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    Overcoming Pakistan's Nuclear Dangers

    26 March 2014. 

    Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal – the fastest growing in the world – raises concerns on many grounds.