This map of global hot spots focuses on armed conflict in urban centres, with graphs, tables and charts.

The Armed Conflict Survey is the standard reference work on contemporary conflict, providing in-depth analysis of the political, military and humanitarian dimensions of all major armed conflicts, as well as data on fatalities, refugees and internally displaced persons.

The print edition of the book includes the IISS Chart of Conflict, which maps con­flict status, type, date and fatalities; transnational terrorist attacks; maritime piracy; sanctions; and peace support and other operations. Showing the distribution of conflict globally, the chart also contains detailed inserts on several regions affected by intense violence: the Middle East; Central Africa and the Great Lakes; Afghanistan and Pakistan; and the Caucasus.

This year’s edition of the chart focuses on armed conflict in urban centres. Including concise accounts of the drivers and dynamics of urban conflict, as well as infographics on its indicators and effects, the chart is a valuable resource for those seeking to understand contemporary warfare.

Featured Maps and Infographics:

Urban Refugees: Geographical Distribution of Refugees in 2014
The Most Violent Cities in the World
Medellin’s Strategy for Urban Stability
Violence and Pacification in Rio de Janeiro
Syrian Cities Devastated by War: Damage Density in Homs and Aleppo
Terrorism: Impact on Cities
Cumulative Impact of Armed Conflict on Cities

The Chart of Conflict is also available to purchase separately. Bespoke sizes can be accommodated on request. 

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Armed Conflict Survey 2016

The worldwide review of political, military and humanitarian trends in current conflicts.

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