The Armed Conflict Survey is an annual publication from the International Institute for Strategic Studies, publisher of yearly reference work on national defence capabilities The Military Balance and annual review of world affairs Strategic Survey.

The ACS provides yearly data on fatalities, refugees and internally displaced people for all major armed conflicts, alongside in-depth analysis of their political, military and humanitarian dimensions. The first edition of the book covers the key developments and context of more than 40 conflicts, including those in Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq, Myanmar, Syria and Yemen.

The ACS features essays by some of the world’s leading authorities on armed conflict, who write on subjects such as the development of jihadism after 9/11; hybrid warfare; refugees and internally displaced people; criminality and conflict; and the evolution of peacekeeping operations. The authors discuss the principal thematic and cross-regional trends that have emerged over the past year, complementing the granular approach to each conflict at the core of the book.

The ACS also includes maps, infographics and multi-year data, as well as the highly regarded IISS Chart of Conflict.

The book is edited by Anastasia Voronkova, Research Fellow for Armed Conflict and Armed Conflict Database at IISS.

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