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  • Politics and Strategy
    08 November 2017

    The increasing likelihood of war with North Korea

    War involving North Korea is a 50/50 proposition over the next year, says Mark Fitzpatrick.

  • Politics and Strategy
    31 October 2017

    How will the Islamic State endure?

    The credibility of the Islamic State may be undermined, but the security threat it poses should not be underestimated.

  • Politics and Strategy
    26 October 2017

    Deja Vu in Kenya?

    A decade after deadly election violence swept Kenya, another presidential vote has brought fresh unrest. Jonathan Stevenson says an improved voting process would ease the country's underlying ethnic and political tensions.

  • Politics and Strategy
    25 October 2017

    Pitiful North Korean diplomacy

    Military conflict over North Korea’s nuclear and missile programmes is a serious possibility, writes Mark Fitzpatrick.

  • Politics and Strategy
    23 October 2017

    Fixing an Iran nuclear deal that ain’t broke

    The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is not perfect, and its implementation can be improved. But the US Congress must avoid taking actions that would kill the deal.

Critics are wrong: Iran remains in compliance with nuclear accord

Despite fierce accusations by critics, Mark Fitzpatrick argues that context and perspective are key when evaluating Iran’s nuclear activity. He argues that evidence shows the country has not breached the nuclear accord, and calls for fair assessment in analyses by other think tanks in the industry.

Mattis’ difficult sell in Singapore

Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate change agreement will make it harder for Mattis to convince allies in Asia-Pacific that the wheels are not coming off US foreign policy.

The perils of the DUP’s national empowerment

In the aftermath of Brexit, the Conservative–DUP coalition could destabilise Ireland by undermining the 1998 Belfast Agreement.