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    Mattis’ difficult sell in Singapore

    01 June 2017.  Who can tell us more about the future of US foreign policy – the erratic President Donald Trump or respected figures such as Defense Secretary James Mattis? As Dana Allin argues, if Trump does follow through on his threat to withdraw from the Paris climate change agreement, it will make it harder for Mattis to convince Asia-Pacific allies that the US really does care about the future of the region.

  • Politics and Strategy

    Critics are wrong: Iran remains in compliance with nuclear accord

    15 June 2017.  Mark Fitzpatrick calls for fair assessments of Iran’s nuclear activity, and argues that critics must consider context and perspective in their analyses.

  • Politics and Strategy

    The perils of the DUP’s national empowerment

    16 June 2017.  The Conservative Party–DUP coalition could destabilise Ireland, particularly in the midst of Brexit, argues Jonathan Stevenson.

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