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    Erik Jones: Italy’s constitutional imbroglio

    19 September 2016.  The US Ambassador to Italy, John Phillips, caused a minor uproar on Monday, 12 September, by telling the Italians that international investors would be disappointed with a ‘no’ vote in the upcoming referendum on constitutional reforms. At about the same time, Fitch announced that a popular rejection of the reforms would put downward pressure on the country’s ratings. Given what is at stake in the referendum, these interventions were understandable...

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    Sophia Besch: Minus Britain, the EU brainstorms in Bratislava

    16 September 2016.  As Brussels and European Union capitals get back into their political rhythm again after the summer break, the EU meeting in Bratislava on Friday 16 September is set to be anything but business as usual. For one thing, Theresa May, United Kingdom Prime Minister and officially still part of the EU club, has not been invited (which is why EU jargon refers to the talks as an informal meeting rather than...

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    Erik Jones: A Compelling Vision for Europe

    15 September 2016.  Europe’s heads of state and government face a real dilemma. They want to attract support for European integration from the people of Europe and they also want to show the outside world that the European Union remains a major source of dynamism and innovation. So the question is how best to achieve those two goals. Should they propose a new project that will attract everyone’s attention or should they try...

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    Mark Fitzpatrick: No, Iran was not advantaged by clarification of nuclear limits

    05 September 2016.  On 1 September, David Albright and Andrea Stricker of the Institute for Science and International Security – the ‘good’ ISIS, according to its Twitter handle – triggered renewed criticism of last year’s Iran nuclear accord by claiming that Iran was secretly granted exemptions to the limits imposed by the deal. The authors suggest this was done in order to allow Iran to be in compliance with the Joint Comprehensive Plan...

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