The day has finally arrived: American voters are heading to the polls today to have their say after one of the most gruelling presidential campaigns in US history. In the past year, Survival’s editors and contributing authors have shared their reactions, both positive and negative, to the candidates, as well as their predictions for the future direction of the United States.

From the journal:

‘Clinton and Trump: Two Faces of American Nationalism’, by Anatol Lieven
58:5 (October–November 2016)
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton exemplify new forms of old nationalisms that are likely to define politics in the United States for many years to come. Read the full article.

‘Information Warfare and the US Presidential Election’, by Nigel Inkster
58:5 (October–November 2016)
If the Russian state was indeed behind the leaking of Democratic National Committee emails, it may have overplayed its hand. Read the full article.

‘Republican Foreign Policy After Trump’, by Kori Schake
58:5 (October–November 2016)
Donald Trump’s supporters are genuinely questioning America’s role in the world; Republicans owe them persuasive answers on their own terms. Read the full article.

‘Donald Trump’s America’, by Dana H. Allin
58:2 (April–May 2016)
Initial disbelief at Trump’s ability to secure the Republican nomination – through a mixture of xenophobia, media savvy, appeal to middle-class anxieties, and attacks on the American political establishment – cedes to the realisation that although his party rebukes him, Trump is widely attractive to a radicalised right-wing voter base. Read the full article.

From the blog:

‘Donald Trump, a Higher Level of Shock Jock’, by Dana H. Allin
10 October 2016
Donald Trump – amid threats to jail his political opponent, ban Muslims, incite violence, and more – is a threat to American constitutional order. Read the full post.

‘Nigel Farage Hits the Trump Trail’, by Matthew Harries
25 August 2016
At a rally in Jackson, Mississippi, the leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party, Nigel Farage, told supporters of Republican nominee Donald Trump that they could do in the US what the campaign for Brexit had done in Britain. Read the full post.

‘Taking Trump Seriously’, by Dana H. Allin
2 August 2016
Trump’s policies during this election campaign tell us several things about the state of the nation: one is that a national consensus around post-war traditions and commitments can no longer be assumed. Read the full post.

‘Five Reasons to Think Trump Could Win’, by Matthew Harries
28 July 2016
Despite all reasonable beliefs to the contrary, Donald Trump isn’t going anywhere and has a legitimate chance of winning. Read the full post.

‘Trump is Really Happening’, by Dana H. Allin
4 May 2016
Trump’s capture of the Republican nomination tells us a lot about the state of America, and will have broad implications for the Republican Party, US liberal democracy and constitutional order. Read the full post.

‘Trump’s Loud Silent Majority’, by Dana H. Allin
18 March 2016
Trump recalls Nixon’s use of the phrase the ‘silent majority’ to channel the resentment of white-middle-class Americans against a liberalising American society. Read the full post.

‘Donald Trump and the American Dream’, by Dana H. Allin
4 March 2016
In light of Trump’s success during the primaries, many Republican leaders are at a loss to understand how their party has arrived here, and are divided over denunciating him or pledging begrudging support. Read the full post.

‘Sanders and Trump’, by Dana H. Allin
24 February 2016
During the primaries many parallels were drawn between Democratic primary candidate Bernie Sanders and Republican Donald Trump, but behind this lazy ‘anti-establishment’ symmetry Trump proposes the banning of all Muslims to the US and torture for suspected terrorists while Sanders calls for free education in state universities. Read the full post.

‘Out of New Hampshire, and Out of Control?’, by Dana H. Allin
10 February 2016
The Tea Party advanced in Congress following anger at Obama’s election and re-election, but it has proved an inadequate vessel to contain the fear and loathing which has now metastasised into the phenomenon of Donald Trump. Read the full post.

‘Iowa and Theories of Politics’, by Dana H. Allin
2 February 2016
If the metric is which party at least marginally improved its chances of winning the presidency next November, then Republicans had a better night in Iowa because of the strong third place showing of Senator Marco Rubio. Read the full post.

‘Hillary Wins in Vegas’, by Dana H. Allin
14 October 2015
Hillary Clinton was widely touted as the winner of the first Democratic primary debate in Las Vegas, largely due to her embrace of President Obama’s policies. Read the full post.

‘The Democrats’ Debate and Israel’, by Steven Simon
13 October 2015
Prior to the first Democratic primary debate, Simon predicts that policies in the Middle East, including relations with Israel, will come up, and that continued support for Israel along with sustained discussions with Iran on their nuclear programme are key. Read the full post.

Teresa Herzenberg is editorial assistant of Survival.

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