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    Mark Fitzpatrick: On Trump and North Korea

    25 November 2016.  After presidential elections, a habitual Washington parlour game calls for assessing the incoming administration’s policies before they have been announced and before the key players have even been appointed. Mark Fitzpatrick shares his views about President-elect Donald Trump’s options in dealing with North Korea.

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    William Choong: Trump’s Asia Policy - Riven with Contradictions

    17 November 2016.  For years after the end of the Cold War, the United States was the hegemon in the Asia-Pacific, but the election of Donald Trump last week has led the region into uncharted territory.

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    From the upcoming Survival: President Trump

    16 November 2016.  In the forthcoming edition of Survival, Dana H. Allin argues that the United States – and with it, the world – is entering terra incognita with the first overtly illiberal candidate to be elected president since the Second World War.

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    Mark Fitzpatrick and Paulina Izewicz: Whither the JCPOA under Trump?

    11 November 2016.  Among the many foreign-policy questions raised by Donald Trump’s unexpected election is whether the Iran nuclear accord’s days are now numbered. In the immediate aftermath, and with his campaign rhetoric in mind, many proclaimed President Barack Obama’s signature achievement to be dead in the water. Not immediately, is our take, but for it to survive a four-year Trump term will take a lot of luck. Trump is unlikely to tear up...

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    Dana H. Allin: President Trump

    10 November 2016.  Donald Trump is president-elect of the United States. Mail-in ballots on the West Coast, and provisional ballots throughout the country, are still being counted. It looks certain, however, that Hillary Clinton, not Trump, will win the popular vote by a margin of between one and two percentage points, or somewhere between 1.5 and 2 million votes. So this is the fifth time in American history that the winner of the...

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    From the latest Survival: Republican Foreign Policy After Trump

    07 November 2016.  With one day to go before Americans cast their ballots, the impact of Republican candidate Donald Trump on his own party has already been profound, regardless of the results of Tuesday’s vote. In the latest issue of Survival, Kori Schake examines the anti-establishment, isolationist vision that Trump has for America’s role in the world, and the implications of its endorsement by his supporters. She argues that the Republican Party has...

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    US Election Day Round Up: Survival on the 2016 Presidential Campaign

    08 November 2016.  The day has finally arrived: American voters are heading to the polls today to have their say after one of the most gruelling presidential campaigns in US history. In the past year, Survival’s editors and contributing authors have shared their reactions, both positive and negative, to the candidates, as well as their predictions for the future direction of the United States. From the journal: ‘Clinton and Trump: Two Faces of American Nationalism’...

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    From the latest Survival – Clinton and Trump: Two Faces of American Nationalism

    03 November 2016.  America’s 2016 presidential candidates clash on countless issues across their platforms, but arguably more on their incompatible ideals of American nationalism than on any other matter. In the latest issue of Survival, Anatol Lieven argues that Trump and Clinton represent long-standing strains of American political culture, traditions that have shifted and evolved over time with society. This cleavage, Lieven suggests, is likely to define US politics and civic-nationalist discourse for...

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    From the latest Survival: Information Warfare and the US Presidential Election

    01 November 2016.  In a US election season that continues to shock and bewilder, the revelation that Russia may have been behind the leaking of Democratic National Committee emails added a new and disturbing twist. With many signs pointing to Russian state culpability, Nigel Inkster investigates these claims and contends that, if indeed responsible for the attacks, Russia may have overplayed its hand. ‘If we do assume that, on a balance of probabilities, the...

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