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    Mark Fitzpatrick: An overdue presidential visit to Hiroshima

    26 May 2016.  When Gerald Ford became the first sitting US president to visit Japan, in 1974, I regretted that he did not include Hiroshima on his itinerary. Every US president thereafter travelled to Japan, but until now none has gone to the site of the first dropping of the atomic bomb. The purpose of President Barack Obama’s visit to Hiroshima on 27 May is not to apologise for the A-bomb, but to recognise...

  • Politics and Strategy

    Mark Fitzpatrick: On Ben Rhodes and ‘selling’ the Iran deal

    10 May 2016.  Among the many inaccuracies in the New York Times Magazine profile of Ben Rhodes was the claim by writer David Samuels that the essence of what became the Iran nuclear deal was worked out between the White House and Iran while Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was still in power in early 2013. Samuels says the deal was sold to the American public and Congress as having been made possible only once the...

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    Dana H. Allin: Trump is really happening

    04 May 2016.  Donald Trump will be the 2016 Republican nominee for president. Just typing those words induces vertigo. I find myself, like many writers, struggling to express the magnitude of this surreal moment in American history. ‘The degree to which, by changing the Republican Party, he will also permanently deform American politics can only be speculated upon,’ writes Slate magazine’s Isaac Chotiner, ‘but his primary victory will, decades from now, likely be...

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