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    Mark Fitzpatrick: Who in their right mind would promote nuclear proliferation?

    28 June 2016.  At a roundtable at the CATO Institute on 20 June, I was asked to speak on the subject of ‘The advisability of using proliferation to combat proliferation in Northeast Asia’. The host, Doug Bandow, has written in favour of the proposition and knew that I would speak in opposition. He got what he asked for. I hope, however, that my participation in this event did not help legitimise a terrible...

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    Erik Jones: A step towards disintegration

    27 June 2016.  The British vote to leave the European Union (EU) is the first step toward formal disintegration that the West has experienced. The closest parallel is France’s decision to step outside the integrated military command structure of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in 1966. But France remained a member of NATO; that decision was more like Britain’s opt-out from the single currency or Schengen, even if the shift of NATO’s...

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    Brexit becomes reality

    24 June 2016.  In preparing the most recent issue of Survival, we asked our authors to reflect on the possibility of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union – or ‘Brexit’. At that point, it was by nearly all accounts the less likely outcome. Yesterday, the UK voted to make it a reality. There is now huge uncertainty about what the UK’s relationship with the EU will look like, and about the future...

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    Matthew Harries: Brexit would be a badly timed blow to Western solidarity

    22 June 2016.  The sky will not fall, in foreign-policy terms, if the United Kingdom votes to leave the European Union. NATO is not going anywhere, nor is the UK’s seat on the UN Security Council. But if Brexit does happen, Britain will start to find itself a little lonelier, and the West a little weaker. The idea of alliance has been having a rough time in recent months. Its loudest critic is US...

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    Erik Jones: Calling an EU referendum was a bad idea; voting to leave would be worse

    10 June 2016.  The British referendum on EU membership is based on (at least) two bad ideas. The first is that the popular legitimacy of a referendum can restore the sovereignty of the British Parliament. The Leave campaign believe they can take power from Brussels and give it back to Westminster. That is a fantasy. The British Parliament will be more constrained and less effective if the UK leaves. The second bad idea...

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    Jonathan Stevenson: The Orlando massacre was less than, and more than, terrorism

    20 June 2016.  On 12 June, Omar Mateen – an Afghan-American Muslim born in the United States, who was on US law enforcement’s radar but not judged to warrant further investigation – slaughtered 49 people and wounded dozens more with a semi-automatic assault rifle and a nine-millimetre pistol at Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Because he had posted jihadist threats on Facebook and called the police emergency number to proclaim his...

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    Massimo Franco: The authoritarian revival challenging Pax Americana

    08 June 2016.  [Ed. note: The following is a translated extract from 'Quella rinascita autoritaria che rilegge la pax americana', an article by frequent Survival contributor Massimo Franco in the Corriere della Sera.] ... According to Michael Boyle, Senior Fellow at Philadelphia’s Foreign Policy Research Institute, these are the first signs of the ‘coming illiberal order’: a model that rejects democratic principles as we know them. In his recent essay in Survival, the IISS journal, Michael...

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    Mark Fitzpatrick: India is kept waiting for admission to Nuclear Suppliers Group

    13 June 2016.  India’s understandable quest for membership in export-control clubs that it used to deride as discriminatory cartels has met with mixed success of late. On 6 June, India passed the final test for admission to the 34-member Missile Technology Control Regime.  Later that week in Vienna, the 48-member Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) failed to reach consensus on India’s membership application. In the latter case, the formal decision will await the NSG plenary...

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    Mark Fitzpatrick: Opposing nuclear proliferation, even among allies

    07 June 2016.  While working on my recently published book on Asia’s Latent Nuclear Powers, I never imagined that a US presidential candidate would argue with its central thesis about the inadvisability of America’s partners in the region pursuing nuclear weapons. For Japan, South Korea or Taiwan to go down that path would trigger huge economic losses, yawning security vulnerabilities and a steep fall from grace in the eyes of the world. Fortunately...

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