Jeff Mazo

Jeffrey Mazo

Consulting Member; and Contributing Editor, Survival

Main responsibilities: Advises on and participates in the development of the institute's research activities in environmental security and science policy, especially on Arctic security and climate-change issues. Works with the editor of Survival on editorial policy, manuscript commissioning/evaluation, and the editors’ blog, Politics and Strategy.

Background: BA, Harvard University; MA and PhD, University of California, Los Angeles. Has worked in scholarly journals publishing since 1987, most recently before joining the IISS at Frank Cass Publishers in London. Until May 2013 worked full-time as the IISS Research Fellow for Environmental Security and Science Policy and Managing Editor of Survival. Interests include the effects of environment and climate on long-term social, cultural and political development, ethnic and identity politics, and science and technology policy.

Joined IISS: March 2005 - January 2016

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