Gilberto Estrada Harris

Gilberto Estrada Harris

Head, Office of the Director of Studies

Main responsibilities: From his base at the IISS in London, Dr Gilberto Estrada Harris supports the Director of Studies in overseeing the Institute’s rich array of thematic and regional research projects across its international offices in London, Bahrain, Washington and Singapore.

Gilberto offers in-house guidance on research grant proposals and other funding applications, and holds responsibility for the monitoring and reporting of research production. He manages relationships in the funding community, matches international opportunities for research funding with the aims and objectives of research programmes, and works to secure sources of financial support.

Gilberto tailors a programme of seminars, roundtables and briefings for the projection and dissemination of world class IISS analysis and research. His support also extends to networking and developing IISS Individual Membership, as part of the Institute's efforts to nurture an exciting and prestigious intellectual community whose work and thinking shape the international agenda and contribute to informed policymaking.

Background: Before joining the IISS, Gilberto worked at the University of Oxford as a Strategic Project Support Officer for the Nuffield Department of Medicine and as Administrator of the Latin American Centre.

He holds a PhD in International Relations and Political Science from The Australian National University (ANU), a Masters in Diplomacy, and an MA in International Relations with a specialism in Peace and Conflict Studies from the ANU and the Peace Research Institute of Oslo (PRIO). Before joining academia, Gilberto was the creator, writer, producer and anchor of a Mexican TV programme that delivered international political and conflict analysis. He also co-founded an umbrella civil society organisation in defence of the environment and human rights.

Gilberto's research specialises in humanitarian crises and the role of transnational activists, diasporas and conflict-generated refugees in military (non)humanitarian interventions. He has also published on Mexico’s nuclear non-proliferation and diplomatic activism around the issue of United Nations Security Council reform. He is currently developing a research agenda around broader issues of the Global South.


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About the Director of Studies’ Office: The International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) is the leading global authority on geopolitics, defence and security policy, and geo-economics. Headquartered in the UK, the Institute also has offices in the US, Singapore and Bahrain. The Director of Studies works with regional and thematic research programmes and international offices to set the IISS’s intellectual objectives, develops and implements strategies to raise funds to support research, projects policy analysis to key audiences in government, business, academia and the media, and is the interface for the Institute’s global network of individual members.

Joined IISS: 2016

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