Maps, statistics and graphics on our Military Balance wall chart show how the US presence in Europe has changed from the end of the Cold War to the current day.

Military Balance wall chart graphic.The Military Balance is the IISS’s annual assessment of global military capabilities and defence economics. Included in the print edition is The Military Balance Wall Chart, which this year focuses on US forces in Europe in 1989 and 2017.

The chart displays US force dispositions and basing in Europe and selected other locations at the end of the Cold War and today. It shows the change in force levels and equipment capabilities, providing quantitative comparisons of personnel, forces and equipment, alongside analysis of other issues related to the US military presence in Europe.

Map features include:

  • US Army, US Air Force and US Navy main operating bases and headquarters in continental Europe and selected locations, e.g. Turkey, Iceland and the Azores.
  • Unit types, e.g. fighter, tanker and special operations squadrons; missile wings; armoured divisions, regiments and brigades; and US Marine Corps Air-Ground Task Forces.
  • Associated equipment types, including combat, transport and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft; principal naval surface combatants and submarines.
  • Army Prepositioned Stock (APS) and European Activity Set (EAS) depots.
  • Ballistic-missile-defence (Aegis Ashore) facilities.
  • NATO members in 1989 and 2017, and current European non-NATO members.

Text boxes include:

  • Personnel numbers, force types and missions for ground forces, air forces and naval forces in 1989 and 2017.
  • US missile defence in Europe.
  • Nuclear forces.
  • European Reassurance Initiative.

Graphics include:

 US regional military personnel: 1989–2015 (Europe; Middle East and North Africa, South Asia; Western Pacific).

  • US global personnel: 1989–2016, by total active armed forces and US forces in Europe.
  • US European Command organisations and units.
  • US Forces in Europe equipment.

 The Military Balance Wall Chart is also available to purchase separately. Bespoke sizes can be accommodated on request.

The Military Balance 2017 will be released on 14 February 2017. Print copies are available to pre-order and will be dispatched after the launch.

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