Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the process for joining as a member? 
  • What are the criteria for joining as a Student Member?
  • How can I pay for my Membership subscription? 
  • What is the process for paying my subscription online via the IISS website? 
  • My Membership lapsed some time ago; how can I reactivate my subscription? 
  • My contact details have changed 
  • I have forgotten my username and password 
  • Can I access back issues of publications online? 
  • Is a list of IISS Members available?

What is the process for joining as a Member?

Applications for IISS Membership should contain the documents mentioned below as required for the appropriate membership category. Application forms can be downloaded from the IISS website or requested from the Institute’s Corporate and External Relations Department. Individual, Associate and Student Membership applications can also be submitted directly online via the IISS website. 

a.                   Individual Membership

  • A completed application form
  • A full CV or biography to be attached to the application form; to include personal details, education and employment/career history
  • A  passport-style colour photo in jpg/bmp format for our records and event security
    • Student Membership applicants are required to provide a copy of attestation from their academic institution or a copy of their university card confirming their student status
    • Further attestation of continuing student status will be required upon each annual renewal of membership. 

b.                   Corporations/Institutes/Charities or Non-Profits  

The following additional electronic or hard copies may be requested by the Corporate and External Relations Department:

  • Certificate of incorporation or similar document(s) showing date and place of incorporation/establishment and legal status
  • Most recent annual report and accounts (showing two years’ trading)
  • Corporate brochure or other written document describing in detail the entity’s activities
  • Geographical areas of operations (this may be included in the report and accounts for larger entities).  

c.                    Government Departments

  • A written statement describing the nature of the department and its status within the government, its activities and geographical areas of operation, and the official or ministry to which it reports. 

d.                   Embassies and High Commissions

  • No additional requirements.

What are the criteria for joining as a Student Member?

  • We offer membership for individuals who are in graduate or undergraduate education to join the IISS under the preferential terms of Student Membership at a rate of £100 per annum
  • As a student applying for this level of membership you are required to provide a copy of official attestation from your academic institution or a copy of your university card confirming your student status. 
  • Further attestation of continued student status will be required upon each annual renewal of membership.

How can I pay for my Membership subscription?

Payment can be made using one of the following options:  

  • Direct debit (for UK based Members only).

    Please contact us at [email protected] in order to obtain and complete the relevant documentation.
  • Online bank transfer

    Information and details about direct bank transfer are included in the membership invoice.
  • Online via the IISS website

    Please log into your IISS online account and proceed to the Membership Payments page.

    If you are paying as a new Member, your final bill will also include a one-off joining fee.

    Note: We now offer the option of paying registration fees in Euros and US Dollars. However, please be aware that the currency exchange rates used for online payments are fixed annually and must cover our bank charges, card transaction fees and currency fluctuations, therefore may not always be the best payment option for you. We recommend that you compare current GBP exchange rates and fees with your own financial institution before making a payment in Euros or US dollars.
  • Cheque (in GBP, drawn on a UK bank or in USD drawn on a US or UK bank)

    All cheques are to be made payable to the IISS
  • By Debit or Credit Card

    Please contact Mrs Donna Daniel on +44 (0)20 7395 9111 with your credit card details or alternatively complete and send the payment slip attached to your subscription invoice.

What is the process for paying my subscription online via the IISS website?

If you are an EXISTING member wishing to renew your subscription and your payment is less than 30 days overdue you can make an online payment

New members will be sent an invoice. A login information for limited access to the IISS Website will be then issued which will enable them to make payment online should they wish to do so. 

  • All Individual Members can remit payment using our online facility in GBP, EUR or USD. In order to access the IISS online payment system you will be required to provide your username and password. If you have misplaced your password, you can reset it using the ‘Forgot my Password’ function.
  • To make an online payment please log in to your account and choose the Membership Payments link on the right-hand side of the screen. (Please note: If you are paying in any currency other than GBP, the amount payable online may differ from the amount shown on your Membership invoice).

My Membership lapsed some time ago; how can I reactivate my subscription?

A member can be reinstated within one year of his or her termination.  After this period, his or her membership is deemed as fully lapsed and any ex-member will be requested to file a new application. Please note that successful applicants who have reapplied for membership will be charged an adminstrative fee of £30. 

My contact details have changed

Any changes to your contact details including your professional affiliation can be submitted to the Corporate  and External Relations Department.

Please note that you will have to log-in to the Members’ Homepage in order to access the form on the above link. Alternatively, you can send an email listing the amendments to be made to your account by sending an email to [email protected]

I have forgotten my username and password

If you have forgotten your password but know your username you can re-set your password by using the following steps providing that the email address we have on record for you has not changed: 

1. Go to the forgotten password page or use the link in the 'My IISS' drop-down.
2. Enter your email address* and click 'Send my details'
3. You will then receive an email with a new password
4. Log in to your account with the new password
5. On the ‘Profile Info’ page within ‘My IISS’, we recommend that you change the password to something more memorable. 

* Please enter the original email address you linked to your IISS online account if this has since been amended. If you cannot recall your username or password, or your email address is different to the one we currently have on file for you, please contact us at [email protected].

Can I access back issues of publications online?

Once logged in to the members-only area of the website you will be able to access both current editions of our publications as well as back-issues, some of which date back as far as 1959. 

Is a list of IISS Members available?

Under the terms of the UK Data Protection Act, we are unable to share our members’ details without their express consent and permission.