Individual Membership

Under-35 Membership

Individual membership is for those with expertise and a deep interest in matters of international security.

IISS membership is granted on the basis of an individual’s contribution to the strategic debate; all applications for membership need to be accompanied by a personal statement and the applicant’s CV.

Members become part of an exclusive and prestigious network which they can access through events large and small, publications and personal contact with IISS staff and Fellows.

Our membership is intended for those with expertise and deep interest in matters of international affairs, security, political risk, geopolitics and geo-economics.

Apply Online for Membership

If you wish to apply online for an Under-35 Membership please follow the link and complete the Apply Online for Membership form. 

Individual Membership

Our members are part of a global network that seeks to raise the standard of debate on security policy and to promote the adoption of sound policies. Members enjoy access to the Institute’s globally renowned, authoritative data and its opinion-shaping analysis in the form of print and electronic publications, plus invitations to meetings and international conferences.