Third IISS South Asia Security Workshop

The Third IISS South Asia Security Workshop was held on 13-14 May 2017 at the IISS Middle East office in Bahrain. This off the record ‘Track 1.5’ meeting brought together 30 participants, including, uniquely, top Indian and Pakistani intelligence officials, as well as influential opinion-makers from India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, along with officials from the United Kingdom and the United States. The Bahraini government was represented by Sheikh Abdulla bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, Undersecretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, along with a senior National Security Agency official. Half the participants were attending the workshop for the first time.

The discussion focused on the region's top security issues, including ‘a new "great game" in Afghanistan?’ and ‘perspectives on the Trump administration’s policies towards South Asia’. There was also significant policy-relevant discussion in the session on the key regional risks and opportunities in the next six months, building towards the next IISS high-level South Asia Security Conference in Muscat, Oman, in October 2017. 

This private, off the record event was by invitation only and took place on 13–14 May at the IISS–Middle East Office in Bahrain.

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Event details

Third 'Track 1.5' South Asia Security Workshop
IISS–Middle East Office, Bahrain
13–14 May 2017