Non-Financial Information

Name of Organisation:

The Strategic Studies Fund


9 Raffles Place

#53-02 Republic Plaza

Singapore 048619

Contact Information

Name of Contact Person: Ms Clara Lee

Telephone No:                    + 65 6499 0055              

Fax No:                               + 65 6499 0059

Email Address:                 [email protected]

Web-site Address:  

Charity Status

Charity Regn No:            1798

Charity Regn Date:         29 July 2004

Constitution:                   Trust Fund

Date of Establishment:   8 June 2004

ROS/RCB Regn No:       n/a

IPC Status

Effective Date: from 28 December 2004


The promotion and encouragement of the exchange of information, upon any major international security issues including those of a political, strategic, economic, social or ecological nature, for the benefit of the local community in Singapore.


(1) Fundraising. This will continue to involve the solicitation of donations from a small number of wealthy individuals and corporations and will be undertaken in much the same manner as the Lee Kuan Yew Conference Room appeal. The Lee Kuan Yew Conference Room, which was opened by the Minister Mentor when he visited the IISS London headquarters in September 2008, will remain open for donations until September 2010. 

(2) Disbursements for Research. Facilitating the establishment of an active Singapore-based research programme, which will be concerned with not only the Asia-Pacific but strategic and security issues in other regions.


The International Institute for Strategic Studies (Asia) Ltd

Professor Chan Heng Chee

Professor Robert J O’Neill

Dr Melanie Chew

Fund Administrator

Ms Clara Lee 


RSM Chio Lim

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