The Washington-based office of the IISS serves as a hub through which policymaking communities, multilateral organisations, nongovernmental organisations and multinational corporations based in the Americas connect with the Institute’s world-leading research and convening power. The IISS-Americas works to engage senior policymakers in the Institute’s international dialogues and forums, as well as to lend the Institute’s expert analysis to a more informed policymaking process.

The Institute’s non-partisan approach and international reach enables the Washington office to act as a leading convener of the US-based diplomatic and policymaking communities, scholars, business representatives and other international leaders. The IISS–Americas provides valuable forums in Washington DC and New York, where these groups can come together to consider and share views on pressing international security issues. The Institute has also begun to expand its presence in the Western Hemisphere more broadly, holding events in Canada and engaging with experts in Latin America.

The Institute’s membership is a global network of individuals and organisations working on or in the security field. Members come from more than 100 countries and include leading business professionals, scholars, policymakers and military personnel.  In the US, this membership is drawn together through a series of discussion meetings, publication launches and special events in Washington DC, New York and increasingly on the West Coast. 

The IISS-Americas is a 501 (c)(3) organisation and we work to attract sponsorships, grants and gifts to sustain our operations and research. Gifts to support the IISS, both in the US and around the world, can be made through the US Friends of the IISS, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organisation founded in 2009. Tax-deductible contributions will support new and ongoing research, programming and outreach initiatives, and will ensure that the IISS remains a key voice in the global security arena.